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Indian youth

वर्तमान की युवापीढ़ी और फैंसी आंदोलन

साम्यवाद के भ्रमित करने वाले शब्द व स्वर को आधुनिक शब्द छलावा में पेश कर कविता आवृत्ति होती है। बस किसी भी तरह देश की आंशिक जनसंख्या को प्रभावित करके मिथ्या प्रोपगंडा को सच्चाई में बदलने का कोशिश चालू रहता है।

पत्रकार मनदीप पूनिया के प्रति मेरी घोर संवेदनाएं है!

मनदीप पूनिया एक पात्र है और ऐसे हजारों छात्र देश के हर विश्वविद्यालय में ट्रैप में फंसते हैं। व्यवस्था विरोध में फेक न्यूज की फैक्ट्री ही नहीं नक्सली भी बनते हैं। वो वैचारिक जोम्बी बनकर अपने आला का हुक्म बजाते हैं। फिर जोम्बिज का श्रृंखला बनता ही रहता है।

Youth unrest in the world: What are their demands?

The student power appears to possess an anti-establishment and a revolutionary tone.

Creativity and Indian youth

We are losing our creative minds in the storm of overuse of technology and social media. I believe social media is slow venom to our minds to kill our creativity.

Why Hindu youth hate their own practice, culture and civilization

The youth should know the difference between modernization and westernization, changes with requirement of time differs from unknowingly influenced by other's way of life.

The cine hypocrisy

Youth tends to lean left slowly, and start hating such things without understanding a word. When these people say that they don’t want to involve in politics, they are actually doing it by directing youth to hate politics.

Indian education system: Then, now and how

Even today, a huge part of India's population still resides in rural India. However, there is hardly any attention being paid to the education system existing in rural India.

Global Innovation Rankings: Onwards and upwards for India?

The 2019 Global Innovation Rankings, by Cornell, INSEAD and WIPO, confirms the continued rise of India. Out of 129 countries, India is ranked overall 52nd, climbing from 57th position in 2018.

A teenager’s view on the ongoing general elections

As a teenager, looking onto how politicians have stooped to a new level of low, especially recent incidence of violence in West Bengal, to find their own way and gain votes is plainly horrifying.

PM Modi is a role model for Youth

This is why youth wants to be like our Prime Minister.

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