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Why Hindu youth hate their own practice, culture and civilization

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Hinduism is the 5000-year-old religion, and it is the most accepting way of life. Ignoring this, today’s generation thinks Hinduism is more regressive, orthodox and conservative religion. Without reading or putting any efforts most of the youngster carries very negative thoughts about Hinduism. There are various reasons, which are following:-

  • Glorification of Invaders: Since school life Hindu children read various textbooks of history including NCERT where there is more about invaders, showing them in the positive manner rather than criticizing them. Less description of greatness and achievements of Indian kings. In textbooks Mughals mentioned as a great ruler their improvement in the infrastructure sector, social reform, culture and economics changes but nowhere it is written that all they did for their own convince and beneficial interest. Even not mentioning about rape, forcefully conversion, extra charges & high taxes to non-Muslims. Intention behind printing of misguiding textbook of the political party was to spread pseudo secularism.
  • Less Highlighting of Indian kings, freedom fighters: There is a chapter of Bhakti & Sufi movement in NCERT but here there are fewer details about the proper practice of Bhakti. There is a lot of manipulation and misguiding about patriots like Veer Savarkar or even the information of revolt of 1857 is misleading which will shows the greatness of Hindus. Recently in class 7th history e-textbook of Rajasthan State Secondary Board irrespective to mention about greatness about Maharana Pratap they mentioned manipulative and wrong facts as because of his lacked patience, control or planning they lose the battle of haldighati. In Marathi textbook of Maharashtra State Secondary Board of class 8th out of 3 revolutionary leaders Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, Sukhdev’s name has been replaced by Kurban Hussain. Such activities destroyed the history of the nation and create a false impact on the future generation.
  • Bollywood Industry: Nature of most of the movies in Indian Film Industry are anti-Hindu. Scenes which showed are not true about Hinduism. That is against the principles & ethics of Hinduism but still released through fake sponsored propaganda and still called Hindus as intolerant. That put questions on Central Board of Film Certification about releasing of such films which glorify the violence and hurting the sentiments of people. Not only in movies but such glorification is also in T.V serials, Web series & so on. Doing their commercial in the name of Arts is not justifiable.
  • Urban Naxals: Person who have nexus with Maoist which can be in any field they are invisible internal enemy of the nation. They can be intellectuals, influencer, activist, author, teacher, feminist they target all the regressive religious practice of ancient history like Prada paratha, sati paratha and child marriage etc. but never talks about triple talaq, muta marriage, polygamy, burka paratha. Even when British remove child marriage through legislation but after pressure by Muslims later sharia law allowed Muslim child marriages. But no one highlight it. Ultimately, they can be called as hypocrites.  
  • Education System: When there was a British raj, Macaulay who was scholar who changed the traditional way of education in India, inserted English language in place of Sanskrit, removed Meta-physics, Vedic Mathematic and so on. This is the first step of failure of Hindu Culture or practice and the reason today’s generation don’t know about their own roots and history and bowed down towards western culture and their way of life.   
  • Consciousness: The most ignorant problem of such negative thoughts is even the follower of it don’t take initiative to read about it they present themselves as Hindu but don’t read the religious text or just read for sake of it but do not genuinely follow it which shows lacks of unity in Hinduism which is very essential. Various case where majority beat minority when they refuse to chant “Jai Shree Ram” this give opportunity to leftist to put question against Hindu beliefs. Rest of the religion even in today’s time they read their religious text and their mother language like a Muslim in the childhood of their kids they make sure he or she know the Urdu language plus promote them to read Hadith which emphasis on how Muslim should live their life like an Islamic Prophet.

All these point subconsciously attack to the mindset of youths they have negative thoughts about their own religion many of them unaware about the above facts. They created the ecosystem which makes our history is nothing but a myth, and if a person follows Hindu culture, then that human became communal but same if minorities does than that is secular. Hence youngster should take responsibility to first read about their history and roots before judging. And should know the difference between modernization and westernization, changes with requirement of time differs from unknowingly influenced by other’s way of life.  

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