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The cine hypocrisy

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With the ‘Bhumipujan’ of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, a centuries old dispute came to an end. A grand celebration could not happen due to the pandemic but every devotee did what they could. Not just in India but we saw pictures and videos of celebration from all over the world. There was an opposition which was bound to happen.

A small fraction of Indians were not happy and they protested, which is their right. Just like the society, the cine industry must have felt the situation. As usual those who lean left, opposed it and called it a death of secularism and else. While leaning right people hailed it and celebrated to some extent. I do not have problem with any of them. I have a problem with those, who sat and watched it silently, without any reaction.

It consist of most of the cine industry. If they were in opposition, they should have cleared it but by not celebrating otherwise, they gave a powerful message. A message that they are not what they portray. That in the garb of Indian, they are playing stooge for someone sitting abroad. That money is what matters to them and nothing else, be it your countries pride or a peacefully resolved court case.

By not celebrating the day, they proved who they are. Otherwise they keep interfering with politics and social life but they hide this time. Amir Khan for his famous political stunt and the so called show he ran on social matters. Never got tired of pointing the mistakes but fell short of praises yesterday. Salman Khan, the Ganesha devotee did not find words for Ram Mandir. Be it the Khans or the Bachhans, or the Kapoors and most of them did not utter a word.

I do not care what they say or not. I know they are hypocrites and stooges of masters sitting in Dubai. My fear is because of them the hopeless and idiot youth of India forms his/her opinions. They are not actors for them, they are stars and heroes. Youth follow them blindly without blinking. And when on such occasion they sit quietly, it sends a message that the occasion isn’t important enough.

Youth tends to lean left slowly, and start hating such things without understanding a word. When these people say that they don’t want to involve in politics, they are actually doing it by directing youth to hate politics.

Anybody on twitter will think what I’m saying is rubbish and everyone knows politics but the sad reality is more than half of the youth does not like it and have no hopes to like it. They are happy watching movies which are ‘Apolitical’.

:Sharang Pathak

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