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How to vote

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As the General elections are knocking the door here’re some of the things that all of us should be aware of while voting .Your one vote to the wrong person can spoil the upcoming 5 years of your constituency.

1. Know the candidate running for election from your constituency. Do not blindly vote any party thinking that this party is a party with good faces so the candidate would also be spectacular. Know the Qualification , criminal record of the candidate before you vote him . This give you a better preview of him/her. If you blindly vote a party that party may be good it might do welfare at the centre but your constituency might not develop for the next five years if the candidate you voted for is not equal to the capability of his party.

2. Read the manifesto of the party you are voting for see if the manifesto matches with the new India you want to create. Manifesto would inform you about the party’s plans if it is voted to power . Keep in mind that manifesto’s just are promises that might not be fulfilled by a party. Today in India we need to ask ourselves that the promises made by these parties are actually true or not. We need to question the practicality of these thee promises . e.g – a party promises to Uniform Civil code in the country but in reality is it possible, concerning that some states also have special provisions.

3. Today as elections are approaching we need to debate with everyone to understand which party is promising what and how would it affect our daily lives. We should listen less to campaigning speeches in those campaigns are very boastful and the candidates don’t even mean most of the things they say. In India people Don’t understand the power of their vote by voting for anyone rather than the capable candidate. In most of the European or Western countries people have understood what power have they obtained by the gift of democracy and how they can use their right properly.

We need to understand the power which this democracy has provided us with. We need to educate people about voting and make a must to vote this General elections. Be the building block of the largest democracy of the world. Learn about more voter guidelines by the Election commission from here.

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