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political parties

Indian political parties established before 1947

Congress was a British creation to serve the British interest.

Politicians today exist only for themselves

In a world where politicians exist only for themselves, it can be hard to see what can be done to change the system.

Do schools inject Corona virus?

When beetle shops, markets, malls, factories to political rallies are open and active, why is the government procrastinating on opening educational institutions?

The house out of order

As politics dominates the bureaucracy, and reins in business, civil society and the media, we need governance that is free of the “criminal” virus. Capability is not sufficient.

How to vote

Lets celebrate this festival that comes only once in five years with all the enthusiasm.

The Congress’ social media folly

Let the comedy flow though! More power to the Congress for that.

The ‘right’ solution for decriminalizing Homosexuality

The 'right wing' in India can help find a solution, or at least the first steps.

Greater participation for a stronger democracy

Founder of a new youth party narrates his experience of going through the whole process of getting registered with election commission.

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