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The Congress’ social media folly

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The Congress, as we progress closer to the 2019 elections, is moving towards becoming an entity of ill-wishing decadents & unprecedented lowly desperations!

If anyone cares anymore, they’ll notice that post 2014 the Congress has exponentially increased their appetite to resort to 2-bit memes as a ‘robust’ political opposition. Unfortunately though, it’s more than contributing to further decimate the image of the Congress. Let’s be honest, they lost their credibility faster than 3rd wave feminism. The Congress opened Pandora’s Box on the BJP several times, only to be smoked to smithereens. In my free time, for fun, I watch the Congress’s social media channels since I don’t like the Canvas Laugh Club too much. It’s an absolute delight to laugh at the Congress’s social media gaffes. Over Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India, the Congress decided to come up with a weird video about Modi’s hugs. Set aside the colossal ignorance of how much that video coming from a political party says about the hospitality of a country in general, apart from displaying an opaquely homophobic sentiment, it didn’t even help them. Instead, it jumped the charts of moronic behaviour to deplorable levels. It is when gimmicks like these are portrayed boastfully does one clearly reek of hapless desperation.

The Congress loves taking unpleasant digs at the BJP. While the Congress routinely preaches their self proclaimed morally condescending approach from a high pedestal, I think they should focus more on realising their falling face value rather than exploiting their own redundancy. What’s even more astonishing, is to see them score consecutively funnier self aa-thoos! Many of their stooges are giving it all they can to proportionate mujahid sheep in gladiator costumes to social justice heroes & play destructively divisive identity politics. It’s either their naivety or pea-brained intellect that they still don’t comprehend the fact that they come out as cosmic-hyper-loyal-loonies for India to enjoy. Many such loonies are a tool for trolls to pleasure themselves with; they end up giving trolls an innate sense of gratification and achievement. With every new narrative put forth by the loonies, it only prompts the fact that they’re painting with a broad brush. Peculiarly, it’s the tremendous bankruptcy of morals within their ecosystem is what worries me. The former is so obvious that it’s potentially a ticking time bomb waiting to explode & disrupt the integrity of India, it has happened once at the starting of 2018. It won’t be long before such cheap stunts are pulled again, the BJP should be vary of that. As time passes, the Congress will push the aggression in their politics to levels that might turn unmanageable for the BJP. The BJP should be ready to douse the fire the Congress will light. In the meanwhile, the BJP should tell their leaders to keep shut since they make  for some quite spectacular  self-aa-thoo moments too.

I go through loony TL’s to get my daily dose of comedy. And it works wonders actually! Traditional stress busters like alcohol will soon be neolithic, people would get high on the comedy of loony sycophancy! Congress social media handles are cringe bombs that go off every now and then, but the shrapnel usually boomerangs. People make fun of Rahul Gandhi, but only the loonies have the audacity to fabricate a genie without even having the pot. On the contrary, I think these loonies—ranging from multifaceted protestors to eminent historians—the spectrum is vast, should be given an award for being the invincible wall our Humpty Dumpty sits on! And as it happens, he keeps falling, even with that kind of concrete support. Rahul Gandhi’s biggest enemy will always be Rahul Gandhi, and it doesn’t even require thought to process that popularly prophetic claim. From cheap copies of the AntiFa to degenerate memes about the PMO’s office; the Congress has been there, done that. And in all it’s reality—as tempting as it sounds, the BJP’s biggest trump card—that Rahul Gandhi is, does not fail to play itself well & right into the hands of the BJP. If at all the Congress wishes to bring itself back into the fray, their social media handles should stop acting like pimps selling themselves out. And that’s going to take much more than massive paradigm shifts from what it currently is. The Congress is walking on pseudopodia, and it won’t sustain for much longer.

The Congress has come a long way in the past 60 years. From the Nehru era till now, the Congress’s credibility depreciates year by year to now being reduced to a mud slinging champion. It has irredeemably tarnished its stature as a political party, let alone an able one. This helter-skelter approach towards wanting electoral success is making the Congress completely oblivious to competency. Their actions explicitly prove what I’ve thought of as a thumb rule to new-age politics for some time now— that poise is passé. Just to put everything in perspective–Congress’s stooges are like bacteria fermenting the batter to make sure it steams well in the pressure cooker that 2019 is going to be. And in all earthly possibility, the Congress’s eye for a 2019 electoral win could very well be nothing but a mirage.

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