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Deva Gowda wants Chandrababu as PM while his son want Rahul Gandhi, PM on sale, none propose Mamata

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To make the election campaign of TDP attractive and its leader Chandrababu Naidu look tall, the father of yet another dynast chief Minister of Karnataka, Deva Gowda has proposed the name of Naidu for Prime Minister of India. Whereas the dynast son of Deva Gowda has already proposed the name of Rahul Gandhi and later the name of Mayawati for PM post. The dynast of DMK too has proposed the name of Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate of the united opposition in Chennai while in the Maga rally organized by Mamata Banerjee of TMC in Kolkatta, remain tight lipped, did not utter any word about Rahul Gandhi or others for PM post.

In the above huddle, Yeshwant Sinha too looks like, was testing the water and was trying his luck to be Prime Minister of India. It looks like the opposition parties are contesting the election not to win or make their respective state progressive but how each one of can become Prime Minister of India and can develop own dynasty, create a club of sycophants to promote nepotism, scam and corruption.

The self-appointed crusader and the sole trade mark and patent right holder of anti-corruption mission, Aravind Kejriwal is willing even to propose the name of Rahul Gandhi for the Prime Minister of India provided congress show some mercy towards him to accommodate and help AAP to win at least one of his candidates in Delhi.

So long Sitaram Yechuri of CPIM was batting for congress party and also played the role of goal keeper of congress party to promote the dynast but suddenly lost his love and romance over congress. Congress on its part, has recently served delicious Rasagulla to CPIM in Kerala, cooked in its kitchen by making the dynast contest from Wayanad constituency of Kerala and made the contest is between BJP and congress.

To add ‘chutney to Rasagulla’, the dynast further stated after filing his nomination in Wayanad that he would never speak about or criticize the left party in his campaign, in other word, he prefers to ignore the left as they are non-existent and insignificant.

The question is whether Mahagathbandan is fighting from within for who should become Prime Minister of India or are jointly seeking people to vote for them? Interestingly, in Bihar, the big Lalu family is fighting for power, where, the eldest son is revolting against his younger brother who is the de facto chief of Rashtriya Janatha Dal in the aftermath of conviction of Lalu Prasad in several corruption cases.


In the entire theatrics, the biggest looser is Mamata Baneerjee as she did not get any proposer to propose her name for the Prime Minster of India.

Mayawati got a proposer from Kumarasamy and Akilesh Yadav, Chandrababu got a proposer from Deva Gowda, Rahul Gandhi got proposer from Stalin of DMK and Kumarasamy of JDS, but Mamata Baneerjee did not unfortunately get any such proposer. Yeshwant Sinha was on the other hand counting his stars and destiny, but lost hope it looks like.

Millions of Indians must ask to their conscience before they cast their vote.


Is their vote going to strengthen India, going for the development, national security, sab ka vikas or going to make the contest of several PM applicants and cause instability, upspring of corruption, scam, nepotism, dynastic politics, zero development etc.,?

Need of the hour is not a debate on what Narendra Modi has to do but what Narendra Modi has done in the last five years when compared to 60 years of congress rule must the yardstick people should use.

Development, reduction in corruption in high places, ease of doing business, tax reduction for middle class, price control, cooking gas connection of poor, drinking water supply, electrification, building of toilets, promoting entrepreneurship through Mudra loan, medical insurance coverage for poor, direct transfer of government schemes to the account of the beneficiary, integration of poor people into the banking sector by opening account for them……. Etc., are some of the achievements of Modi government in the last 5 years.

People of India must realize that the election is not between BJP and others or Narendra Modi versus none but is about the continuation of good governance versus corrupt forces waiting to grab power, honesty versus dynasty, development of the country versus development of the own family, sab ka vikas versus apna vikas.

The responsibility of people of India is as enormous as Narendra Modi and BJP. Therefore they must vote for stability, national security, development, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism and dynasty, governance centring over sab ka vikas. Hope Narendra Modi led BJP will get massive mandate to develop India and destroy dynasty and corruption.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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