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Congress manifesto and tax terrorism – Middle class and youths have lots to worry about

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Congress manifesto of 2019 not only looks like it is going to destroy Indian economy but also going to disaster upon the future of millions of youths, the first time voters and middle income group.

Congress party over 70 years of its rule has made India poor, strategically remained the poor as poor and now the same congress wants to uplift the poor people. The manifesto of congress party is nothing but crocodile tear.

The key promises in the congress manifesto must be understood by Indian voters in right perspective. The proposal to provide Rs.72, 000/- per year to 20% poor households on paper may look amazing but the party has not stated clearly how they would generate the resource for the same. When such specific question was asked, the former finance minister of congress government replied that the competent and wise government would find ways to achieve the promise. It means it does not want to reveal the secret. Through the above promise, congress party is going to create economic crisis and fiscal deficit, going to shoot inflation, middle income group will be forced to pay more tax, many existing subsidies and pro-poor schemes will be scraped, several development centric agenda will be shelved and finally India will be pushed to Devonian or Silurian age.

The political survival of the congress party since 1047 itself was possible only because of and due to poor people. By keeping the poor people poor since time immemorial, the congress party was making its political success through false promises and pro-poor propaganda.

Today the congress party has decided to make the entire India poor and backward. The middle income group and the youths have lots to fear about their future and the future of India. If congress is elected to power, India will be destroyed economically.

If the congress party has said it would re-pump its ill-gotten scam money to implement the minimum income scheme, Indians would have believed it easily than leaving the question in oblivion. How the poor people would be identified is also left unanswered. 

No political party ever in the history of India would dare to release such a hopeless and vague manifesto. Already the credibility of congress party in general and the dynast in particular is low, how such credibility-less political party if it again tries to ride on false promises can find takers in India.

The point of 4 lakh job creation, again the dynast is vague. The manifesto promise that it would fill up all job vacancies in government (both state and central government) establishments. How that can be achieved has no road map or clarity, but the manifesto only offers promise, thinking Indian voters are fools. How the central government can force the state government to fill up vacancies when the state is already facing fund crunch?

Next point discussed in the manifesto directly weakening of our national security by limiting the operational freedom our security forces in Border States. A cursory look at the manifesto of congress would prove that the party has prepared the above more to satisfy some divisive forces than for India or aspirational Indians.

Congress party appears to have not learned its lessons even from its defeat in 2014 and instead it wants to engage in selling lies and false promises. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is presenting his performance sheet to people of India and requesting them to participate in the mission of building New India, where India shall remain as economic super power.

The interesting point all Indians should know is, why all the opposition parties are so jitters of PM Modi and wants to defeat him at any cost? On the other hand the Tukde Tukde gangs are always accusing that PM Modi that he has done nothing in the last 5 years. When PM Modi has done nothing in the last years means, where is the scope for the Tukde Tukde gangs to worry about the forthcoming election.

Most of the Tukde Tukde gangs are facing the existential crisis and fighting for political relevance. Even by selling India, they want to win the election as they are not bother about India but are interested only in their victory to establish the rule of dynasty, nepotism and corruption. DMK in Tamil Nadu is the best example.

If the middle class and youths want to secure a better future for India, must defeat the congress for the dangerous manifesto which has more of rhetoric and less in merit and substance.

If the congress party has said that it would use its scam and ill-gotten money to achieve minimum income scheme, Indians would easily believe as the congress and many of its leaders are alleged to have amassed huge wealth through several corrupt means over the last 70 years. The money congress party and some of its leaders have is believed to be surplus enough even to buy entire India.

Hope the intelligent youths and middleclass voters will realize the pending tax terrorism of congress party and accordingly would support the agenda of development, national security and sab ka vikas mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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