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As a first time voter, here’s why I will vote for Modi

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Salil Gaurav
Salil Gaurav
18 year old, I collect coins, watch cartoons, listen to old Hindi songs, occasionally write Hindi poems, and drink Chai. Interested in Law and Polity. Hometown Bhagalpur, Bihar. Currently living in New Delhi.

I am a first time voter.

Each vote helps in fueling Democracy. It may happen that your preferred candidate lose the election, but if you exercise your right to vote then you as a citizen always win.

Now coming to the main question.

Will I vote for Modi in 2019?

It is advisable not to disclose your vote, but I do not have any problem in sharing that I will press the button of Kamal.

I am quite happy with the Modi Government. Modi Sarkar has undertaken a number of major initiatives. I am satisfied with most faces in the council of ministers. I believe his party once again deserve to sweep House of the People.

Accounts open under Jan Dhan Yojna is a big achievement. India was in need of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Promotion of Digital India is commendable. You can witness changes in Indian Railway. India’s image has improved at International level. Rural electrification. Free cooking gas LPG to poor households. UDAN scheme. Developments of Solar Energy. Fast progress in Roads Constructions. UIDAI Aadhar, this government has significantly advanced its implementation. Formation of NITI Aayog. Distribution of LED bulbs under Ujala Scheme. Surgical Strike, Air Strike. There are many more such achievements which speaks about the good governance of Modi Sarkar.

You can easily check performance of these schemes here Performance dashboard.

I am not saying that our previous governments did nothing.

But this Modi government performed much better than our previous Sarkars in terms of delivering good governance. They tried to deliver things with good pace. Zero corruption chargers against Union Ministers is noteworthy.

I am not a blind supporter of BJP. Therefore I won’t say that Narendra Modi has completely changed India. Our country still needs a lot of changes. I am aware that BJP is not pure. I know some nonsense leaders are part of BJP. I know BJP has an alliance partner like allegedly corrupt AIADMK. I know BJP is taking support from dynasty party like LJP. Well unfortunately condition of opposition parties are even more hazardous. At least BJP is better than them and they did fairly good in their five years.

When I see leaders of opposition parties, when I study their past performances and their ideologies, then I easily prefer BJP and Modi as my option. I am no fan of leaders like Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, Tejashwi Yadav, Mamta Benerjee. They are champion of playing caste and appeasement politics. Their anti-Modi campaigns, and protests are full of lies and dramas. Their only aim is to see downfall of BJP. I laugh when I see these leaders talking about corruption and crimes.

Let me also share something about the Indian National Congress who I believe is the main opposition party against the BJP. Well I personally don’t appreciate Congress Mukt Bharat, I want them to improve. I agree they did many wrongs during their tenure and that’s why their number is below 50 inside the lower house. Their leaders like Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal, are dangerous for Indian Polity. RJD a party of goons is their ally. They are popular for appeasement politics. There are many such problems with them. But still they are better than corrupt caste and regional based parties like BSP, SP, RJD, TMC, etc.

Congress do not deserve any chance in 2019. And the kind of politics they are playing currently is not very cheerful for Indian Democracy. But Democracy is nothing without opposition and I want them to change their politics. At present I won’t advice anyone to support Congress.

I will cast my vote in Delhi and here we also have Kejriwal’s AAP. I had celebrated the launch of AAP, I had also appreciated some of their works, I knew some honest humans were part of AAP but slowly slowy I came to one conclusion that they are nothing but a group of communist who are fooling people. And now Kejriwal is campaigning in favor of TMC, BSP, TDP, even he is going to support Kanhaiya Kumar. Since few days they are licking the feet of Congress in Delh for Allience. And Congress walo ne Laghbhag mana kar diya.

BJP’s leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Piyush Goyal, Suresh Prabhu, Jayant Sinha, etc are doing great works in building New India.

Hey, Modi Haters I am ready for your hateful comments, you will say that BJP paid me for writing this. But kuch bhi kar lo hum toh Kamal ka hee Button Dabaenge.

And one more message for BJP Haters – Yogi jee is doing some great work!

Salil Gaurav, from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Currently living in New Delhi.

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Salil Gaurav
Salil Gaurav
18 year old, I collect coins, watch cartoons, listen to old Hindi songs, occasionally write Hindi poems, and drink Chai. Interested in Law and Polity. Hometown Bhagalpur, Bihar. Currently living in New Delhi.
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