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Let India’s safety, development and sab ka vikas infuse our blood to re-elect Narendra Modi led BJP govt

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Retaliation to the Pulwama attack by Pakistan sponsored and nursed terrorists by way of non-military pre-emptive airstrike in Balakot terrorist camp in Pakistan killing several terrorists and the subsequent efforts of Modi administration to ensure the safe release of Abinandhan Varthamn, the wing command of our fighter jet from the custody of Pakistan army has proved the leadership cult of India and how firm, patriotic and decisive is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Modi has not just made victory only in the defence frontiers, but also received applaud from global community as well. The characteristics of the leadership of Narendra Modi are patriotism, vision, affirmative action, and undying passion for the development of the nation coupled with inborn determination to achieve sab ka vikas. On the contrary, the opposition parties are fighting for their dynasty, own vikas, power to loot the money from India and play the role of middleman for kickbacks than govern the state.

Millions of Indian and the first time voters must think of New India that is going to decide the fortune and destiny of the world architecture by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The slogan for 2019 should be SAFETY, DEVELOPMENT AND SAB KA VIKAS.

Several efforts are being made by the opposition parties, especially the dynast to belittle our defence forces by asking proof for the surgical strike and Balakot airstrike? The dynast does not want the believe our defence forces who are guarding and protecting our nation throughout the year but the does the dynast does not want to recognize or credit our defence forces for the wonderful service but wants to play politics, diminish the reputation our defence forces by indirectly supporting the enemy country to make India look a weak and divided. No Indian with true Indian blood will ever forgive such third rate politics of several dynastic parties in India.

It was all along believed that PM Modi was so determined only to end corruption, develop the nation and achieve sab ka vikas. But the other dimension of the leadership of Narendra Modi has come out with the recent affirmative actions against terrorism and simultaneously galvanizing support from the global countries to India’s cause.

Terrorism, corruption, minority appeasement and finally the dynastic politics are the real negative forces that prevent the progress and prosperity of the humanity. Therefore terrorism has to be eliminated from its root.  Most of the world countries support Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi because he is so committed to eliminate terrorism and bring universal brotherhood among different nations.

India never had a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi in the past. Under PM Modi, India will not only develop and every community embrace vikas, but India also will be safe from several divisive and destructive forces, terrorists and Tukde Tukde gangs that want to break India.

India will be safe in the hands of Narendra Modi. The morale, commitment and the cause of our defence forces is also charged up by his leadership because he lives for India than for own family as that is how several dynastic parties in India functions today.

Today congress party has proved that the party belongs to a family and if the same party is elected to power, will ensure India is also belonged to the same family.

Let us save India and ensure development and sab ka vikas by re-electing Narendra Modi in 2019.

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