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2019 General Election: The one election that matters

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There are very few instances in history where a society (collectively) gets an opportunity to decide its own fate without any revolution or violent conflict. The Indian General Election, 2019 is one such opportunity for the people of India. The election of 2019 is much bigger than Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi. It is much bigger than BJP or Congress and certainly way bigger than Left Wing or Right Wing politics. We are facing an unfortunate situation where the opposition political parties and liberal intelligentsia of this country have unambiguously declared that they are willing to jeopardize the interests of India in their crusade to remove Narendra Modi from 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. There are three facets to 2019 Indian General Election which I shall briefly discuss in this article.

Part I : Why 2019 Indian General Election is the one election that matters

The laws of Physics clearly illustrate that if a vehicle is moving at a fast pace and the brakes are suddenly applied, the vehicle may suffer irreparable damages and the passengers will be doomed. The macroeconomics of India is zipping along at a high speed and sudden application of brakes shall derail the economy and harm the citizens in a significant manner. The infrastructure sector of India is moving ahead at a decent speed and this election will decide the outcome of this sector. If India wishes to be an economic powerhouse, she cannot afford to derail her infrastructure sector. This election will also have a direct and significant impact on issues more directly affecting the average or poor citizens of this country like poverty, health, hygiene, employment/business opportunities etc.

Part II : Why 2019 election is more important than 2014 election

The 2014 Indian General Election was an election of hope and change. India was in tatters and engulfed with pessimism up till May, 2014 due to the horrible mismanagement by UPA during 2004 to 2014. The 2014 election brought a ray of hope that we can turn it around and take the nation towards a positive and progressive path. It is my belief that this purpose has been achieved in the past five years and India has set up a foundation on which much greater things can be built. The election of 2019 will reflect whether we can achieve significant milestones in the areas of infrastructure, poverty alleviation, science & technology, judicial reforms and in many other significant field or will we once again miss the bus. The 2019 election will decide whether India can break into the big league or will just remain a developing nation with very few achievements in her kitty. It is the election of ambitions and dreams and not merely an act of desperation to fulfil basic needs.

Part III: Challenges India will face if 2019 election is not taken seriously

The challenges India will face if 2019 election is not taken seriously are frightening. Not only will it derail the economy (as discussed above) but it will result into massive degradation of our country and culture which will travel faster than a bullet train. Before 2014, India was ruled a Sultanate based out of Delhi with its tentacles spreading all across the South Asian region and it cannot be denied that it was a congregation of anti-national forces. It is pertinent to mention here that I am deliberately using the term “anti-national”. The rise of Narendra Modi has slowed it down but it is also important to note that Narendra Modi has not only just ruffled a few feathers in this process but has indeed attacked the criminally corrupt elites of India at a place where it hurts the most i.e their wallets.

An unfavourable election result will bring back these cronies to power and they will pillage and plunder India and her citizens. Our childhood enemy called Pakistan has suffered several disastrous blows during Modi’s tenure directly resulting from his actions and policies. A regime change at this point may prove to be a death knell for India vis-à-vis national security. Pakistan supported by its lobby in India will wreak havoc and attack this country in the most horrible manner possible. Our Prime Minister has made several enemies who in the event of him not returning to power will make it their life’s mission to not just reverse all the decisions taken by Prime Minister but set up a brutal example for all the nationalists in India so that none in near future may even dare to repeat what Modi has done.

Conclusion: I urge all my fellow Indians to think of India before all else when you cast your vote this summer.

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