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Left vs right

यूट्यूबर पुण्य प्रसून वाजपेयी ने क्यों कहा की अब १० नेता शीघ्र जेल भेजे जाएंगे

सारे भ्र्ष्टाचारी घबड़ाए हुए हैँ कि कब किसका नंबर आ जायेगा, कब किसको उसके कुकर्मो की सजा मिलेगी ये कोई नहीं जानता, यदि जानता है तो बस एक शख्श और वो हैँ श्री संजय कुमार मिश्रा।

Book review: Sanghi who never went to a Shakha

The author has tried to put his view of the socio-political scenarios that he had observed before 2014 and after 2014.

Is right-wing politics still on a rise across the world?

It's a reality that world politics is heading towards right-wing populism and people are loving it, and our left-wing friends are lagging behind.

When will the ‘right’ rise against bloodshed?

A number of slain bodies found this month, were hacked to death for expressing a political opinion that is detested by the left-centric parties.

When the center shifts to the right, what should center-left do?

The millennials strongly identify with the center-right in India. The permanence of center-right without stronger center-left should be seen as a sign worry.

2019 General Election: The one election that matters

We are facing an unfortunate situation where the opposition political parties and liberal intelligentsia of this country have unambiguously declared that they are willing to jeopardize the interests of India in their crusade to remove Narendra Modi from 7, Lok Kalyan Marg.

Why Narendra Modi is at risk of getting a coalition govt, and you – his staunch supporters are the reason

The battle in India is not right wing vs left wing. It is a class war b/w naamdaar & kaamdars, the ecosystem or dynasts who hoard the money, vs the aspirations of a normal Indian.

आखिर क्या कारण है कि ‘लेफ़्ट’ इतना बलवान और ‘राइट’ इतना कमज़ोर?

पत्रकारिता को बेचने वाले वामपंथियों के झूठ से त्रस्त होकर लोग अब राइट की ऒर रुख कर रहे हैं। जब तक राइट विंग मीडिया एक 'सुर में गाने' का अभ्यास नहीं करेगी तब तक राइट कि आवाज़ लोगों तक नहीं पहुंचेगी।

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