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When will the ‘right’ rise against bloodshed?

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Rutvi Dattanihttp://herewritesrutvi.blogspot.com
3rd year bachelor's student in Journalism and Mass communication. Keenly interested in exploring political ideologies.

We live in a democracy where all citizens can ideally practice freedom of political thought and opinion. Yet the country has been witnessing rampage that ends in spilling blood in the name of clashing political ideologies. A number of slain bodies found this month, were hacked to death for expressing a political opinion that is detested by the left-centric parties.

On 21st October, Sankari Bagdi a BJP worker was murdered by TMC goons in Birbhum district. The 47 year old lady was shot dead as BJP was gaining popularity in the village and that upset the TMC (which TMC claims was not associated with BJP). Earlier this month, on October 8th Chaudhary Yashpal Singh former vice-president BJP Yuva morcha of deoband district was shot by unknown assailants. Followed by the death of BJP leader Dhara Singh in the same district on October 12th.

Kamlesh Tiwari, the Hindu Samaj Party leader was murdered on October 18th when the assailants came to meet him at his home in Naka Hindola area in Lucknow. The two Islamists had stabbed him 15 times in the upper part of the body from jaws to the chest. Rising intolerance among the liberal ecosystem has resulted in an ugly trail of bloodshed and calls for definitive action amid the alarming situation in order to curb political violence.


What the ‘right’ has done so far is questioned liberals for not outraging against the extremity of violence in Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder, the way they demanded justice for Tabrez Ansari. Questioned mainstream media for advising them to not incorporate a political angle in his murder, even when beef was intentionally linked in the Junaid khan train incident. Asked the Yogi Adityanath government to give Kamlesh Tiwari a state funeral, while mentioning the 21 gun salute given to Gauri Lankesh after her death. And at last expected Mahua Moitra to speak against the constituency she represents ‘West Bengal’, the state which has been actively violating every norm of democratic functioning, killing political opponents.

But when will this roar result into an action oriented step taken by the centre, the union government to protect an individual’s right to express his/her political and ideological interest?

Seeking reports on the murders of BJP workers and leaders associated with right leaning organizations, we expect BJP to use its central powers to prevent politically motivated killings and influence the political discourse expressing concerns over the casualties. To propose a solution across the country, with its prompt intervention by deploying central forces, ensuring peace and not pause in a state of restraint when its own men are being attacked.


By constituting teams and appointing committees that summon state police to prioritize prevention of political unrest and fomented murders. Remembering the bloodshed in Kannur district in Kerala when a horrendous show down between CPI(M) and BJP apprised the center of the urgent need for precautionary action to curb bloodshed in 2008. People on the ‘right’ standing up for the Hindu cause, expect the government they voted in, to provide a shield for freely expressing political thoughts that do not align with the leftist (pseudo-liberal) ideology.  

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Rutvi Dattanihttp://herewritesrutvi.blogspot.com
3rd year bachelor's student in Journalism and Mass communication. Keenly interested in exploring political ideologies.

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