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Why Narendra Modi is at risk of getting a coalition govt, and you – his staunch supporters are the reason

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How many of you supporters classify as right wing? And let’s think about how you become right wing. Do you belong to right wing ideology? Leave that – how many of you can differentiate right wing ideology vs let wing? My hypothesis is that you became right wing because (1) you got sick and tired of ecosystem (2) support and love our prime minister. And you saw- the intellectuals call you right wing. Do call out in comments to confirm or reject this hypothesis.

Lets look at history of the term “Right Wing”:

The political terms “Left” and “Right” were first used during the French Revolution (1789–1799) and referred to seating arrangements in the French parliament: those who sat to the right of the chair of the parliamentary president were broadly supportive of the institutions of the monarchist Old Regime. The original Right in France was formed as a reaction against the “Left” and comprised those politicians supporting hierarchy, tradition, and clericalism. The use of the expression la droite (“the right”) became prominent in France after the restoration of the monarchy in 1815, when it was applied to the Ultra-royalists.[19] The people of English-speaking countries did not apply the terms “right” and “left” to their own politics until the 20th century.

Unless you are smoking some special stuff from Parvati valley – you know which ideology is pro monarchy/dynasty.

Now lets take the other view where Right wing politics is defined as movement towards capitalism. Now in India – the party you consider left promotes specific businessmen and the party you consider right wing promotes business.

And if socialism is a measure- the party you consider left has a record of only 1 rupee of Rs 100 reaching the needy (rest being pocketed by them/their ecosystem) and the supposedly right wing party is running “way more” socialist welfare schemes on toilets, stoves, houses, healthcare, food, etc., albeit with a difference of making sure the rupee reaches the needy and plug the loopholes.

If you talk about secularism- which party wants uniform civil code, stands in support of Triple Talaq vs against, which party famously overturned Shah Bano case, And more. And compare that to Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.

Just look at how many times the self proclaimed right wing is calling hypocrisy. The reality is what you call left liberal would say and do whatever it takes them to power. Now put their actions with these lenses instead of ideology and it will make sense to you.

Leave that – if this dynasty/ecosystem is convinced that they can win 2019 by promising Ram Mandir and 2024 by delivering Ram Mandir – I can bet my life on the fact that Rahul Gandhi will not only promise but deliver that (compared to current PM promising to and following rules). And if you think ecosystem is Chrislamist – the answer is that they vote for them and that’s why they seem to be Chrislamists. They don’t care about our Muslim and Christian brothers – they just want power and because our Christian and Muslim brothers can be manipulated to fear the rise of BJP and vote en-masse- they become a vote bank for them to exploit.

The battle in India is b/w dynasty and a pragmatic politician who is potentially maybe more left of centre than right and what you call left liberal is just monarchs wanting to continue to rule. Now when you frame this as left vs right – it results major challenge for people who go by pure definitions.

What you have to realise is that many normal people don’t have the bandwidth to do an in-depth analysis (many don’t even go to vote). Its shameful but its true. This means that many don’t understand what is sickular or understand your sarcasm when you call people left liberal. Can you think of even 1 reason to vote for dynasty if you are not from ecosystem? I personally can’t. But I can think of 100’s of reason why I will vote for a centrist or a liberal party and so can many of our fellow Indians.

And you – my dear patriotic nation loving brothers – you are risking the win of PM Modi by making this left vs right. And have you noticed our PM calling us right wing? He knows more than anyone else that the battle in India is not right wing vs left wing. It is a class war b/w naamdaar & kaamdars, the ecosystem or dynasts who hoard the money, vs the aspirations of a normal Indian.

The stakes in 2019 are huge. Frame the battle correctly – and we will win 400+ (ideally should be 500+ given the performance in first term and competition). Frame it as per the US return Harvard educated thought leader of right vs left – lose the votes of people who are socialists, believe in liberty and “risk” a BJP lead coalition government (Hope sanity prevails in the masses and this never happens).

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