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List of achievements of Narendra Modi led BJP Govt. in 4 years versus 10 years of UPA

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If people of India compare the performance record of Narendra Modi led government’s 4 years vis-à-vis the long 10 years of UPA under the influence of the dynastic party, people may shock and surprise why several main stream media are observing a calculated silence in not reporting all the glorious achievements of the BJP to people of India.

Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India in the recent times to govern India free of corruption, scam and nepotism. He is the first Prime Minister of India to devote his full time in office for the welfare of India and not for playing party politics. He is the first Prime Minister of India who made every institution accountable to people of this country.

Here is the list of some of the achievements of Narendra Modi regime in the last 4 years in comparison with 10 long years of UPA.

In 2014, Narendra Modi inherited the legacy from UPA 2 which was filled with allegations of various scams, policy paralysis, nepotism, and revenge and witch-hunt politics against Modi. Besides that, the reputation of India was all time low during UPA.

In 2014 there were 21, 572 villages were yet to be electrified and as a result of lack of power supply, those villages were lagging far behind. Narendra Modi after taking the office of Prime Minister of India ensured all those villages to be electrified. Today no single village is there in India without of power supply.  What UPA could not achieve in 10 years, Narendra Modi has achieved in 4 years.

UPA in its 10 years of scam filled regime could provide only 5.3 crore LPG connections to poor villagers whereas BJP in the last 4 years ensured 10 crore LPG connections to uplift millions of poor families from various health hazard, saved their cooking time, labour in collecting fire woods and lifted them from the status of poor and marginal.  Several lakhs of connections provided by Narendra Modi led BJP were free of cost.

UPA in its 10 long years achieved only 2,630 megawatt generation of solar power which Narendra Modi scaled up to 22,000 megawatt in just 4 years.

Entire 10 years of UPA regime, only 80,000 KM of road was made whereas Narendra Modi’s government focused intensely on infrastructure and achieved 4 lakh 9000 KM road built in 4 years.

Narendra Modi being born in a poor family in a village unlike the dynast, who is born with silver spoon in his mouth, recognized the importance of swaach bharat and proper sanitation to poor people.

Narendra Modi’s government built 9.7 crore toilets in 4 years as against 5.4 crore toilets that were built during the entire 10 years of UPA.

Entire 10 years of UPA saw the construction of houses for poor people to be 30 lakh whereas Narendra Modi in the last 4 years achieved 90 lakh houses being built for poor people.

As a personal commitment of providing cost effective supply of medicines to poor people under Jan Aushadhi program, Narendra Modi opened 1957 shops in the last 4 years whereas the record of UPA in 10 years was only 199 shops and out of which 99 shops did not function at all.

Before Narendra Modi took the office of Prime Minister of India, as per the employment registry, 4 crore 82 lakhs people were registered to have no employment but the number of people registered in employment registry as on 2018 is 4 crore 26 lakh with the reduction of 56 lakh. This clearly indicates the unemployment rate has come down during Narendra Modi’s government which was quite high in UPA period.

Narendra Modi has brought a structured reform in agricultural sector too.  To ensure the biotic rhizosphere ecosystem in the agricultural field, the urea supplied is desired to be coated with Neem as suggested by several scientific studies.  During the entire 10 years period of UPA, only 25% of the urea supplied to the farmers were Neem treated whereas PM Modi has ensured 100% supply of urea to the farmers are treated with Neem to ensure better crop and protection of the filed.

PM Modi has visited several countries to build ties with India. Manmohan Singh visited selectively USA and UK for 30 and 27 times respectively with the total expenditure of 27 crores whereas PM Modi’s foreign visit costs only 22 crore.

The list of achievements presented in the article is only a few and not the complete list of achievements. All the above achievements were made by the Modi government without any scam or kickbacks or special directives of a family as in the case of UPA.

India needs development, sab ka vikas and not politics of negativism, hatred or dynastic parties which are hungry to grab power to loot our nation. Hope people of India will recognize the tremendous achievements of PM Modi and hope they would re-elect him again in 2019 with massive mandate to develop India further.

Tamil Nadu also must be developed further to fulfill the dreams of MGR and Amma. People must recognise the hate politics of Dravidian dynastic party and surprisingly the DMK wants a Brahmin as Prime Minister of India.

The holy entry of PM Modi in TN is must for the betterment of the state and if the rule of the dynasty returns back, TN may get further pushed back to the period of hate politics, anti- Hindu, anti-God and anti-Brahmin rhetoric and not development or progress of the state.

Tamil Nadu needs the ethos propagated by MGR and Amma along with the vision and good governance of Narendra Modi.

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