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Is DMK scared of RK Nagar ghost in Tiruvarur?

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The postponement of by- poll in Tiruvarur assembly constituency has come as blessings in disguise for DMK. It looks like DMK does not want to face the election in Tiruvarur before parliament election. Reason for the above guess points towards the bitter truth the DMK has to bite in RK Nagar by-poll where the party has come as distant third. If DMK come as distant third in Tiruvarur, which may script the epitaph of Dravidian brand politics in Tamil Nadu and the euphoria and idol-ism spun over its leader will tumbledown which the party wants to avoid before parliament election. The above fear may be compelling DMK to indirectly support the postponement of the election.

Anti-God, Anti-Hindu, Anti Brahmin brand politics has come full circle and is fading fast. People of Tamil Nadu are coming back to God and ancient Bhakti culture of Tamil Nadu. Unknowingly negativism, hatred, destructive approaches were the emotions and feelings Dravidian politics has infused among people for decades. Some small welfare tokenism of Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu we cannot dismiss.

Instead of eliminating caste system, the Dravidian politics sustained the caste politics and by way of eliminating caste, it has created a new caste called anti-Brahmin, anti-God and anti-Hindu.  Further the Dravidian politics played caste politics cleverly to remain in power. Today several people in the state have started to recognize the truth and are moving away from Dravidian brand politics because such politics had always revolved around nothing but negativism, hatred and anti-Hindu sentiments.

The age details of people who show great faith in God today are in the mid 50’s to 60’s. It means all of them were born and brought up in the state when the politics of hatred, anti-Brahmin-ism and anti-God was in the peak. Many people would have lived through such political atmosphere and after the elapse of 5 decades, as it appears, most of them have realized the truth that Dravidian politics has done nothing but infused hatred, negativism and divided the society on illusory Aryan-Dravidian race and finally established own dynasty and monarchy to be in power.

The allegation was that in R K Nagar by-poll, DMK lost due to money being paid to people by the opposition candidates. Through such allegation DMK admits loudly that even own cadres are purchasable and are no more loyal to the party.  Further elaboration would reveal that people are shifting their allegiance from Dravidian brand politics to politics of positivism, spiritualism, corruption free governance, free from dynastic, cult of personality politics, nepotism etc., and people of Tamil Nadu have started to realize that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi alone can offer a very stable, corruption free, development centric, sab ka vikas oriented governance in India.

Tiruvarur election if held along with other assembly constituencies, DMK can save its face even if it loses Tiruvarur. It may win some other constituency and with such victory it can divert people from discussing about Tiruvarur defeat. It looks like DMK is scared of RK Nagar nightmare and does not want to face similar situation in Tiruvarur before parliament election. It means until parliament election, the party want to build image of hope and illusion and never want to experiment electoral politics to face another catastrophe like RN Nagar. People of Tamil Nadu are clear as it appears that they are waiting for the day to bid farewell to Dravidian politics and welcome development centric, sab ka vikas oriented, corruption free government of BJP led by Narendra Modi. Certainly the departed souls of MGR and Amma will guide people to save the state from dynastic politics and politics of negativism and hatred.

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