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Narendra Modi and BJP must take something fresh from his oven for 2019

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The very heart-warming and precious festival will come on the upcoming year. Yes, it’s 2019 General Election. And this time, BJP must have to apply some filter on its agendas. Last time, they had clear funda of removing UPA from the Central power and at that time, our common men also wanted new face, who hear their voices. But, this time, the whole scenario is different.

After the revolution of Social Media, people are now much clear about their needs and they are very much strict about their judgement. As we can see in Gujarat Assembly Election-2017, BJP lost many of important seats in Saurashtra and other parts. Also, we know that people of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are much aware about their current CM and their works. But, on the other hand, the opposition also not clear about their agendas. Rahul Gandhi is on the way of political learning and still, he has a lot to learn.

Let’s focus on other political parties which can play an important role in upcoming elections. There are Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samajwadi Party, Aam Admi Party, Shiv Sena, TDP, TRS, AIDMK and much other on the regional parts. Since, Amma has left the world, AIDMK is now swinging between much consequences. And for all the southern part of India, it will be tough to make a mark for any alliance. Also, we can’t say about such happenings, because after all it is politics.

Aam Admi Party has also a long way to prove its capability of handling power. But, after evaluating these many situations, PM Modi should have to come with some propitious agendas, so BJP can survive with handy or more seats. Or else, they will lose many of important seats.

On the other side, Congress has a chance this time to overcome BJP but as we can see that Unity in Party is invisible. But, they must make sure their path about future in Indian politics.  Otherwise, future students will get new history about Indian Politics.

What about Common-Man?

This is the very crucial time for the common man, we can say. Because, at one point he can’t love Modi but on the other hand, he has not any perfect hand that he can give the power. So, let’s see, what he can do at this auspicious festival!

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Web Journalist, Writer and Knowledge Seeker
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