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Narendra Modi gave soul to Indian politics – Know how

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Since independence, the Indian politics has been going murkier and dirtier due to dynasty cult, serving family interest, dominance of the club of sycophants, syndicate of looters who hijacked the innocent voters etc., until 2014.  Narendra Modi was the first political leader who brought the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas for the first time in Indian politics. In a sense Narendra Modi gave shape, definition and meaning to Indian politics. Indian politics was revolving around promises and not on performance. Indian politics was revolving around money and muscle power. Indian politics was revolving around power and position. In truth, Indian politics was like a body without soul until Narendra Modi plunge into national politics. He gave soul to Indian politics.

When we appreciate a piece of art on canvas, we appreciate it mostly for its life and not for the combination or mix of different colours. We get elate when we read a poem or novel purely because of the imaginary realism that makes us part of the poem or novel. We melt into certain songs because it enters into our ears not as tailored sound but a sensorial feeling that engulf us which ironically does not have shape, colour or other measures.

Today most Indians have started to think of New India and Sab Ka Vikas thanks to PM Modi. Most Indians started to think of clean India, sanitation facility, sufficient power supply, good drinking water facility, good infrastructure connectivity, network connectivity, cooking gas connection, health coverage and better health care delivery system, corruption free administration, digitalization etc., all because of this Prime Minister Modi.

PM Modi instead of seeking votes from Indians, kindled Indians about their responsibility, empowered them and showed them the facts and figures on how India has gone backward and poor due to mal-governance, corruption, dynastic cult and nepotism.  How India was disfigured due to regional forces that were experimenting their power thirst on India by attempting to for coalition government.

Modi was the one who aspire Indians to envisage New India and sab ka vikas. Modi imparted soul and life to Indian politics instead of corrupting the voters through money or false promises.

PM Modi when refers to development, he did not mean development in materialistic sense where more money and more comforts are added up to our life but he firmly refers to the overall development of man. He brought mind over matter, brought moral and spiritual thinking to gain self-discipline and responsibility, to have sense of belonging towards our nation and universal brotherhood.

PM Modi in fact envisaged Ram Rajya as wished by Gandhiji with the starting point, construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

He understood the absolute truth that Hinduism alone can unite India, ensure the secular fabric of our nation and glue unity in diversity. Every Indian irrespective of their religion is impacted by Hindu culture. Therefore the ethos of one India needs one tax, one election, one law and finally one sacred culture – the Hinduism.

Indian politics was like a body moving without Atman until PM Modi enters national politics. He brought sacredness and serenity over dirty corrupt politics being practiced in India.

Gandhian philosophy, philosophy of Swami Vivekananda and fairness of Lord Ram, PM Modi brought all of them in Indian politics.

To further develop India to new heights and achieve sab ka vikas Indians should pledge their unconditional support to Narendra Modi in 2019 and beyond.

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