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For BJP its only Bharat Maata ki Jai; but which godess does Congress chant for?

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If we want to compare the leadership quality and character of the two of India’s Prime Ministers, i.e., Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh, certainly no one can beat Mounmohan Singh sorry Manmohan Singh with reference to how shamed India with several allegations of scams.

PM Modi chants Bharata Mata Ki Jai while Manmohan Singh chants Sonia Mata Ki Jai. Modi believes in merit and democracy but Manmohan Singh loves to follow the cult of dynasty and wants to promote merit-less-ness.

When we can credit BJP for running the first corruption and scam free government since independence, Manmohan Singh alone can claim the exclusive title (at least at the perception level) for running the most corrupt and scam filled government since independence.

Modi when focus on skill India concept, Manmohan Singh has filled India with scams to a proportion that no one can beat him in future. When BJP tries to make India scam free, Manmohan Singh alone can claim the right and title for making India corruption rich. Modi when converts adversity into opportunity, Manmohan Singh has pleaded to India about his coalition compulsion as the possible reason for scams. When Modi empowered people to propagate the mission of development and sab ka vikas, Manmohan empowered 10 Janpath to develop the dynasty and its vikas.

The question is why Manmohan Singh as PM has proven disastrous to India when the same Manmohan Singh who reformed and re-shaped India from an imminent economic chaos when he was the finance minister of Narasimha Rao Government? The answer is simple. When Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister it was democracy that was ruling India whereas when the same Manmohan Singh became the accidental Prime Minister of India, it was the dynasty that was ruling him and supervising him.

Under democracy Manmohan was a grand success and under dynasty the same Manmohan Singh has gone disaster. People of India must now decide whether they want dynasty or democracy in 2019.


Dynasty can easily perish even a man of exemplary quality and performance potential like Manmohan Singh whereas democracy can flourish even a person of such humble origin and tea seller as Prime Minister of India.  Democracy favours merit while dynasty favours sycophants and servants.

When Narendra Modi promotes the idea of New India, the party of the accidental Prime Minister was promoting the ambition of the dynast to become Prime Minister of India.

When PM Modi talks about Sab Ka Vikas, Manmohan claimed the first right of the resources of India to Muslims.  Modi created policy vibrancy and dynamic governance; Manmohan Singh gifted policy paralysis and death of the governance. Modi made India proud through the mission of New India Manmohan Singh made India to bury its head under shame and humiliation due to several allegations of scams and scandals.


The governance record of Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India cannot be beaten by anyone other than him.

Modi cannot be a match to Manmohan Singh with reference to mal governance, scams, policy paralysis etc.  No Prime Minister of India, why even the dynast won’t be that loyal to Sonia Mata like Manmohan Singh. But for Modi, it is India and India comes first. It is the agenda of new India, development and sab ka vikas is the mantra of Modi unlike the development of the dynasty agenda of Manmohan Singh.

Every Indian must ask what India need, the dynasty or democracy, merit or coterie of sycophants who have the only agenda to severe the self and not the nation.

India needs development and Sab Ka Vikas. India need a leader who was born in poor family, who knows the pain of penury, hunger, discrimination so he work for Sab Ka Vikas and not the person who born with silver spoon in his mouth and knows nothing to utter other than what is tutored to him by his sycophants.

Let us be wise in our decision, let us value our vote as it has enormous power to shape and define the destiny of New India and Sab Ka Vikas.

India needs Narendra Modi to re-invent its lost glory. India needs Modi to make the country to an economic super power; India needs Modi to bring humanity among human beings where the society is eroding spiritual values due to its rush towards materialistic means of life.

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