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Liberals’ Kashmiriyat – Full of hypocrisy

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Nowadays it has become very fashionable for the liberals to invoke Kashmiriyat and will ask justice for Kashmiri Muslims in the name of humanity. Liberals will never straightly answer the question on terrorism being emancipated by the very same Kashmiri Muslims on attacking innocent people across Jammu and other various parts of the country. So I tried to understand the real perspective of Kashmiriyat, what it stands for, what it has achieved so far and whether it is being used as a tool for growing Islam.

Attributes of Kashmiriyat:

Cleansing Minorities:
Jammu and Kashmir is geographically a unique state of India. It faces very harsh climate conditions and shares border with Pakistan, making it very sensitive place and hence leading to more military across the state. Not just in India, be it any part of the world where any state shares borders with conflicting neighboring countries, has more military personnel. It is very important, too, as it ensures citizen’s security against any cross border terrorism. But the so called advocates of Kashmiriyat till now haven’t accepted even the presence of Military personnel to safeguard this country. This purely means that they don’t like the safety of people living all along this country. They feel insecure from non Muslims in present in the state. This same insecurity resulted into the cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits in the period of 1986 to 1990. None of these people supporting Kashmiriyat ever condemned this ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir.

Stoning Kafirs:
Stoning is an important aspect of Kashmiriyat. After the Friday prayer at Masjids; the next holy task is to throw stones at military personnel or on to minority community areas. This stoning ritual comes from the medieval era of Islamic tradition where the Muslims were allowed to stone people who belonged to other communities, called as Kafirs. In the 21st century this stoning ritual has been named as freedom of expression movement being carried out by youths of Kashmir to save Kashmiriyat. People who support Kashmiriyat completely stay silent and if not will condemn it for namesake with lack of intensity and time. The intensity shown to condemn Hindu practices has a different level. Because of horrifying stone pelting at military personnel, many people have lost the dear ones and many families have lost their fathers/sons. Still people who talk about Kashmiriyat will never speak about it or never give coverage to the sufferings faced by Military people.

Fearing to take responsibilities:
Jihad or Freedom movement is an Islamic practice where devout Islamic person has to wage a war against infidels who practice other culture and make sure that he/she gets converted to Islam by any means including creating havoc in the life of them by killing, abusing and raping their families. Kashmiri youths instead of living in 21st century they want to practice this Jihad so that all Indians one day will get converted to Islam. Instead of studying, working hard and supporting their families in eradicating poverty they choose this heinous route of Jihad. The youth of the current century across different countries faces a lot of physiological, social issues in spite of studying and working hard. They travel to foreign destinations without any support of families and friends, stay there in any adverse situations for decades to give financial support and and a comfortable life. There are millions of examples all across India where people irrespective of gender toils hard either in the country or in foreign lands across the world to support their families without expecting any benefits from Government or any other person. While these Kashmiri youths fear working hard and kill crores of people in the name of Jihad. They cover up their cowardice in the name of Kashmiriyat as studying, working hard and generating jobs for other people requires a lot of patience and attitude to face the difficulties of life.

As Lord Krishna says Warrior or Vairagi is not the one who fights only in war field, but also the one who faces all difficulties of life, navigates swiftly against them and come out in flying colors by defeating them.

Kashmiriyat produces only cowards who fears to live in this world and take responsibilities.

Drugs and Money:
The drugs was previously illegally shipped from Pakistan through Kashmir and Punjab border was rampantly used in Punjab. But nowadays it seems the drug trades has reached till Hyderabad. Kashmiri youths are rampantly participating in the drug peddling activities. There are various reports which says Kashmiri youths have helped Pakistani terrorist to attack military post for the exchange of money. This is high time the people who advocate for Kashmiriyat has to acknowledge and condemn these active support of Kashmiris to Kill our Military soldiers remember they also have families and they love and live both for country and families more than Kashmiri Youths.

Abusing and Harassing minorities and poor people:
There are so many instances apart from ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, that people who advocate Kashmiriyat did not allow peaceful minorities from Sikh or Buddhist religion to follow their ideologies. Remember the incidents of Islamic invasion on African countries like Nigeria where young kids have been kidnapped and used as suicide bombers same is the modus of operandi here too. Few weeks back to Kashmiri Muslims harassed a young Sikh girl going to college and threatened her to convert or face consequences. None of the Kashmiriyat supporters asked for course correction. Still Hindus face innumerable difficulties in going to Amarnath Yatra. These peaceful Kashmiris are not even ready to sacrifice one inch of land for the welfare of Amaranth Yatris.

If you question them about these instances answer will be in same format. They are misguided youth who don’t have any employment opportunities. But the reality is not about lack of opportunities but the cowardice of Kashmiri youths to take up the opportunities and work hard so that they can contribute to the welfare of people.

With the black money from Pakistan, these Kashmiri youths are spoiled rich brats who want to show their power by taking up arms and kill innocent people.

Mindset of the Kashmiri youth has to change or else they have to remember, sun which was never set to fall in East India Company was disestablished after Indian rebellion of 1857. The tears of ordinary people who have been abused, killed and tortured by Middle East culture obviously will bring it down sooner or later.

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