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That’s blasphemy in Islam Mr Yadav, did you do that on purpose?

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The Muslim festival of Eid was celebrated recently and many prominent personalities had shared messages wishing a happy Eid to the people.

Mr Yogendra Yadav wished his followers “Eid Mubarak”. He could’ve just done that with a casual but still loving “Hello friends, Eid Mubarak. Where is my biryani?” kind of message but no. He was feeling extra creative so he went one step ahead and wished Eid with this painting. He stated that the painting depicts Bhagwan Shri Krishna sighting the Eid moon and pointing it out to a group of Muslim men and women. And further he added that the people of India should resolve and bring back, as he called it, the spirit of India. He said all of that but failed to mention who needs to resolve what exactly.

At the end of this article, I will explain how Mr Yogendra Yadav and others who used this painting to wish Eid actually committed something that is seen as blasphemy in Islam, and he did that on the day of Eid. But first, let’s look at some facts and factual errors.

About the painting: If you keep painter’s creative freedom aside for a moment and try to examine the artwork solely from the perspective of what Mr Yadav claimed it is, then the painting is just one big lie. How? The timeline of Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Islam don’t overlap anywhere. What does it mean? It means historically speaking these two episodes* wasn’t happening simultaneously. There is roughly a gap of (more than) three thousand years between the two episode*.

*The time when Bhagwan Shri Krishna was present on this earth in mortal body form vs the time when Islam came into existence according to world historians.

To give you an example, imagine a painting where Mahatma Gandhi is standing with a glass of juice requesting Self-proclaimed emperor of Delhi, Mr Kejriwal, to end his fast and go back to work. That picture might be aesthetically pleasing but we know that Mahatma Gandhi died some 20 years before Mr Kejriwal was even born. There is no chance of Mr Kejriwal meeting Gandhiji in person, thus no juice offerings would’ve happened. The timeline in which they exist does not overlap. So, when it will come to facts and figures the picture, however beautiful it may be, will be considered a lie.

Ok so coming back to stuff that really matters. Mr Yadav and many others from the left brigade who were posting and retweeting the same painting and trying to pass it as “Eid Mubarak” wishings, they failed to provide any credible source to hold the claim that they made. Because when a twitter handle @TrueIndology confronted many of them with facts, the left brigade failed to respond with authority. Fed up with the “fake” trend TrueIndology finally tweeted: “Mr Yogendra Yadav whatever, Get your facts right. The last painting of Ruknuddin was in 1697. How could he draw this alleged painting in the 18th century? He died by then!”

It’s important to know here that TrueIndology is a scholar of Indology. TrueIndology is ultra “infamous” among the leftist “scholar gang” and agenda-driven “historians” because he keeps busting their fake claims on a regular basis.

After several tweets Mr. Yogendra Yadav posted this :

And from here on his whole happy “Eid Mubarak” vibe grew darker and darker. Because instead of saying sorry for posting a “fake and controversial” painting, he started hurling “adjectives” towards people who requested to know about the origin of the artwork. And it got me thinking that the person who was talking so dearly about the idea of peace and harmony just a few minutes ago, is now calling people names and saying things which fall directly on the opposite side of the spectrum. He accused random people of hurting sentiments of others but the irony is that his own tweet could be hurting the sentiments of the whole Muslim community.

I think Mr Yogendra Yadav and other people who posted this controversial painting as “Eid Mubarak” message, all of them actually committed serious blasphemy against Islam. This is how,

Each faith/religion has its own understanding of God. Hinduism is henotheistic in nature which means Hindus worship one God (and several Devtas) but without denying the existence of other Gods. Islam is monotheistic in nature. According to the Holy book of Islam, there can be only one god and that God is Allah. Worshipping any other god is considered blasphemy. Suggesting that there can be gods other than Allah is also considered blasphemy. It is a serious crime according to Islam. The left brigade which daily comes on t.v screens and projects themselves as the scholars of all faiths and religions do they even know their basics? Are they clueless about Islam being monotheistic in nature.? How come the liberals were unaware of the fact that sharing that painting on Eid may hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community. Because that painting shows supreme god of Hindus but Muslims are required by Islam to reject any god other than Allah. I am appalled at this wicked sense of humour of the left.

When you know that believing in one and only god Allah is the most important pillar of Islam. Then posting a Hindu God’s picture to wish Eid to Muslims is indirectly mocking their faith. Hey Liberals, what kind of sick agenda are you trying to push? I hope Muslim population sees how the agenda of left works in mysterious ways.

India does not need this kind of “Ganga-Jamuni-Tehjeeb” if the message can be interpreted in a wrong way by any of the sides. The left need to stop doing that. Also, listen, Muslims are capable enough to locate moon on their own. Do not try to create tension between innocent Hindus and Muslims and go read books of different faiths and get a first-hand knowledge of things you debate about on regular basis.

And Mr Yogendra Yadav, you posted that painting so looks like it is you who looks interested in creating Hindu-Muslim riots. But Hindus and Muslims are now aware of how politics work. We will not fall in subtle political traps. I think you and others who posted that painting should apologize on Twitter.


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