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Anatomy of a Secular state

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These are the list of terminologies so far Left wing has come up regarding the definition of being a secular state

Jingoistic Secularism: Minorities are sacrificing their religion for living in this country so Majorities should give up space for them. They have to be given more resources to live. But the same theory should not be applied for Hindu minorities living in Kashmir, Northeast.

Socialism: Economy should be controlled by Government and the only job of government is to provide food to people in PDS. The government should not work in any projects which can help in moving the country forward. They should not think about solving problems using science and technology. One such pet project is MNREGA but govt should not interfere by investigating the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Liberalism: The culture followed in India is regressive and patriarchal. It should be eliminated at any cost. But the culture followed by Minorities should not be taken up for discussion because they sacrifice so much to live in this country. One such example is Taharrush, culture followed by Saudis to rape and abuse women who do not belong to Islam. No question should be raised about that but discussions will be done by armchair liberals whether Diwali and Holi should be celebrated or not.

Feminism: Discussions should happen about whether wearing Sindhoor in the forehead is scientifically good for health or not but nothing should be discussed wearing Burqa. No questions should be raised on the difficulties imposed by Islam on women but Khap panchayats should be brought to book as they are the only section who does not support feminism. Remember Triple talaq should not be discussed at all.

Islamophobia: Islam is always under attack by Majorities. But nobody should speak about the history of Islam and the devastation it has caused to the native cultures across this entire globe. Islam is always a peaceful religion.

Freedom of expression: Only privileged few can exercise free speech. Others cannot expect it. The discussion should not happen about Dalits attacked by Islamists but front pages of newspapers should be covered by conflicts in Hindu communities.

Nehruvian School: Only Nehru and his family have done well for this country. If they are not there India would have been fourth-rated country behind Africa(third rated). Indians till death should remember it and should serve Nehru, family, eternally.

Jawans are not needed: There should not be any job for Army. The army is responsible for killings of innocent people in the name of war. Jawans are created only to die in the hands of Pakistanis and Islamic terrorists, No discussion should happen in media about it.

Social Cause: Hindus should not unite together by crossing the caste barriers. If it happens it is the sign of growing Majoritarianism. If minorities unite together then it is for the great social cause and it should be hailed as a revolution.

Corruption: Government can do any amount of corruption and citizens cannot question them as they are only here to serve the rulers i.e Indira-Sonia family. They can loot as much as money but if we question it then you should be harassed and killed. Even Supreme court should not question it if not then Emergency will be imposed and everyone should happily accept it.

Linguistic War Cry: Each state should give only preference to native language speakers in all the govt jobs and schemes. But this rule does not apply to Muslims and Christians who predominantly speak Urdu and English. This rule is applicable only to Hindu majority and who wants to move to another state for jobs. To say exactly Hindus should not move to other states for Jobs or economic well being. They are here only to live in the roles of Government. Do not cross the State Border.

Jihad of Kashmiris: Kashmiris have sacrificed everything to stay in India, so they should be pampered eternally till this earth gets destroyed. If a Kashmiri boy gets selected in Indian Cricket team he should be the voice of India but not a poor Indian from other parts of the country. But nobody should ask a Kashmiri whether they support the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits. If you ask it then you should be a fascist.

Islamic Terror: There is no Islamic terror in the entire world only other religions are harassing the Peaceful Islamists. The people who are creating havoc in the world in name of Islam are some misguided youth and they do not follow Islam. Islam always creates heaven i.e Syria, Egypt.

Remember these when you go for voting. If you think about creating a secular state then there is no difference between the terms mentioned above and the rule of law in the Middle East.

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