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Why Hindus and India at large can never trust Rahul Gandhi or the Congress party

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It seemed like as if PM Modi or BJP had been on the back foot off late. But the semantics kind of changed once the Indian PM got into a hearty conversation with the Indian diaspora at the Central Hall in Westminster, London. With the ever so eloquent Prasoon Joshi moderating the event it was surely an evening to remember. It was also an evening which once again gave Hindus or Indians enough reasons to ponder upon why Rahul Gandhi could never be considered as an option for a PM or why the Congress under the Gandhis could never be a viable political alternative to BJP.

1. To start with the first and the most striking reason that comes to one’s mind is Rahul Gandhi comes across as a very egoistic, brash and arrogant leader. A leader full of himself who was fed with the illusionary idea that he was by default bound to be the PM of India because he was born in the Gandhi family. There was no need for him to be a full-time politician as a coterie around him was meant to do the hard work for him while he could just wait for his crowning glory and take credit for the good work done and nonchalantly pass on the blame for any shortcomings. But then this comfort zone also meant a perpetual lack of preparation, regular gaffes, embarrassing blunders and his inability to answer questions at interviews and conferences.

2. Rahul Gandhi lacks the vision to take India forward. All his political moves are just meant to create disruption. He doesn’t take his job seriously and he is not well learned or educated on a lot of matters. He is often seen indulging in what one would call as ‘Shoot and Scoot politics’. He simply lacks the political knowhow on how to indulge in a constructive dialogue with the government. Or maybe, he does not want to do it at all as there seems to be a power greater than the Congress which seem to pull the strings. Maybe, the Gandhi family is just working on a sponsored narrative coming from Europe or Middle East or countries averse to seeing India becoming a world leader. Otherwise, how could anyone justify the cushy attitude of the Gandhi family towards enemies of India? Rahul Gandhi meeting the Chinese Envoy while the Doklam conflict was going or Mani Shankar Aiyer holding a clandestine meeting for Pakistani officials at his residence are instances which raise a lot of doubts.

3. Rahul Gandhi has been at the forefront of dividing the Hindu community. Be it the collusion with the likes of Hardik Patel or Jignesh Mevani in Gujarat or dividing the Hindus into Lingayats or Non-Lingayats in Karnataka. Congress Party led by Rahul Gandhi is just indulging in dirty politics and does not have the firepower to corner BJP on constructive and development based agendas.

4. Rahul Gandhi just running out of the country prior to the declaration of election results suggests he has not at all matured as a political leader. As a leader, if he can’t even take responsibility for his own party’s failures how can he ever take the responsibility for the Ups and downs the country would face while him being in the top post. It’s a very scary scenario. Isn’t it?

5. Rahul Gandhi is yet to be seen in the role of an administrator. Modi was 3 times CM of Gujarat and one of the best CM of India before he became the PM. Whereas the Gandhi scion could have taken up some administrative role during the UPA government but he didn’t do so. Why didn’t he do so? This is something which is beyond the understanding of the most seasoned political pundits. According to Sanjaya Baru, Author of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ the working relationship between Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh deteriorated when Rahul Gandhi came into the picture. Baru tells us how Singh as a Prime Minister was omitted from important decisions and his faithfulness went unrecognized. Maybe, it was the reason for Singh’s failure in UPA-2? This Question still needs an answer as Rahul Gandhi played a very dubious role in UPA 2.

6. Congress has always tried to corrupt or muzzle a free and fair media. Everyone knows how the Lutyens lobby and a media honcho who is said to possess a house worth 50 crores in plush locality of South Delhi comes across more as an obedient servant of the Congress than an honest journalist.

7. The Congress has never given a clear answer whether it supports the Hindu community in their quest for construction of a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Rather, former HRD and Law Minister Kapil Sibal have always been seen undermining the Hindu cause by acting as a lawyer for the Sunni Wakf Board which is opposed to the construction of the Ram Mandir. The tacit support by Congress to Sibal for taking up the cause of the Sunni Wakf Board is not a secret.

8. Be it the arrest of Swami Aseemanand or Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Congress has always tried to manufacture a fake narrative on saffron terror. All done with the idea of weakening or antagonising the Hindu community while at the same time appeasing the Muslim vote banks.

Now, these are some strong pointers from my side as to why Congress party is a curse for Hindus and India. Hindus need to exercise due caution and cast their votes in favour of a party which is not only sympathetic to the Hindu cause but can also take the idea of India forward.

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