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Better late than never : The outlook towards crime against women is changing

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Entire India has been agitated since two consecutive rape cases came into the light. Once again opposition parties have got an opportunity to blame BJP governments for these incidents. Streets are filled with protesters and media persons everywhere. Social media is blazing with posts demanding justice for Kathua and Unnao. All opposition parties seem to be very actively participating in protests and raising their voices against the current regime.

Rape itself is such a disgusting and inhumane act in which rapist must get hanged to death without any excuses. These incidences remind us how our society has lost its moral and ethical attributes. It is really very shameful and disgusting for everyone. Any society or country where such heinous incidents are happening on a regular basis must think about its dark future. In a society where mothers, daughters and sisters are not safe, it must leave dream of becoming a developed nation. A nation can never evolve when its people have lost their humanity, their benevolence and their altruism.

Unfortunately, when today as a nation we all are standing somewhere very close to the mark of that intolerance for such crimes, our opposition parties are busy in trying to give a communal twist to these incidents. A prosperous and rich nation builds on pillars of humanity, respect and safety. A country would only be considered progressive when every single person, the government and opposition would be focused on taking an immediate action on accused without any delay in such kind of incidents. No one should involve the religion of rapist and caste of the victim in these incidences. These things should never be a part of the discussion that whether the rapist is Hindu and victim is Muslim or rapist is from some political outfit and victim is a common public. The people who are bringing caste, religion or politics in these matters right now are utter sick and pathetic. They are just opportunist trying to gain attention and some political mileage. Believe me, they are good for nothing.

And right now in both of the matters, a communal politics has been played by the opposition and some mainstream media. They all are targeting BJP government because in one case, accused is BJP MLA and in another case, the victim is a Muslim girl. People who are busy in communalising these incidents somewhere equally responsible for this kind of incidences as they are not protesting for justice or they don’t have any kind of sympathy with the victim, everything is an appeasement drama. They are trying to gain some political brownies by making these incidences communal. Their media channels are busy in spreading these kinds of thoughts to create chaos and mobilizing mobs.

India has a poor reputation in crime against women in the whole world. And if you would look at NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data from 2005 to 2014, rape cases just doubled from 18359 in 2005 to 36735 in 2014. There was a sudden increase of 38% in 2013 vs. 2012 when Congress was in centre. But there was a decrease of 5.7% in 2015 vs. 2014 when BJP came into the centre. The NCRB data also shows that the overall crime against women have continuously increased since 2011 -2014 and got declined in 2015. So if Congress is doing candle march for the sake of 2019, it must look into the mirror and introspect their efficiency in these matters during their previous regimen. Most terrified and utterly odious “Nirbhaya Kand” is still in our memory, when Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh had spoken “Theek Hai” on that case after his long as usual continuously hanging silence. So Congress shouldn’t teach BJP on such kind of Incidents and mind their own business.

Now let’s talk about the Samajwadi party, a party that is a group of this kind of predators and helped trying to hide and abscond one of his MLA Gayatri Prajapati who had been booked by UP police in a rape case. All airports and exit points across the country had been put on high alert to prevent this person from trying to flee the country. How can we forget the very infamous statement by their chief Neta ji about rapists (boys will be boys… they commit mistakes)? So before accusing BJP by saying that “Gundaraj” is increasing, they must look inside their garbage, which had been nourishing and proliferating these gundas since ages.

If anyone will go in depth in the history of today’s opposition parties who are targeting BJP, you would realize that these people are playing a very dirty politics by making a heinous rape case to a political drama. I felt much-ashamed toady that I am a citizen of a country where a rape case has been made to turn around religion, politics and caste to secure position and power.  Our leaders and media channels are more focused on communalising the incidents rather than focusing on punishing and hanging those rapists. Where the whole story has been twisted around a minor, a Muslim, a Hindu, rather than arguing for fair justice to the victim and a death sentence for accused.

But today, somewhere I also got relieved when our Honorable Prime Minister Modi came forward and spoke for justice for daughters of our nation. He explained it very thoroughly that this kind of incidents should never happen and he gave assurance that guilty will not be spared. He did not bring any caste or religion in his statements. He did not repeat the mistake of his predecessor. He urged the whole nation that every family must hold accountability for their son’s behaviour rather than interrogating their daughter’s only.

His statement was really effective as we should raise a boy to respect girl not to rape her. I was very glad when CBI arrested the accused at early in the morning without a delay. In my memory, this is the first incidence when a ruling party member was arrested so promptly in case of rape. I felt happy that BJP has also sacked their ministers on supporting the accused and trying to put its all effort to seek justice for that minor girl in Jammu and Kashmir state where its own Chief Minister is dragging her feet from proper clarification of the matter.This is definitely a good sign of change. But we all would be totally relieved and happy when no MP or MLA would be able to roam freely and abscond this country after doing such inhuman act whether it’s Kuldeep Singh Sanger or any other politician. This kind of animals will be sacked, punished and hanged sooner or later.

I am happy that things have started changing our system not very rapidly but yes they are.

As it is always “Better late than never.”

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