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Congress hypocrisy: Last updated by Kapil Sibal

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2014. Elections for prime minister. This is the year the dynasty politics finally ended. PM Modi came as a saviour, the hope of millions of people to fix the mess Congress had done. It was also the beginning of hilarious events of attacks by the opposition, with one aim: not make Modi government successful. These sequences of attacks have been relentless, and with years passing by, it is showing more and more of the hypocrisy of the opposition. Accusations after accusations based on religion and capabilities of PM Modi have made the headlines by some so-called news channel, who forget that every time the PM has been questioned, he has silenced his hyper active “critics”, with a befitting answer. Be it demonetization, surgical strikes or recently GST.

Recently Rahul Gandhi the “prince” of Congress, had visited the spiritual Somnath temple, known for its breath-taking experiences. Due to rules, if you are non-Hindu, then you have to sign a form, which “surprisingly” was signed by Rahul. Now just before this Rahul had said he is a Shiv Bhakt. These events clearly show that years will pass by, but Rahul hypocrisy will never die. Subsequently, Rahul reaction speech regarding this incident, increases his and his party’s hypocrisy even more. He was quoted saying that “religion is a personal matter”. Mr Rahul Gandhi, when Yogi Adityanath became CM of Uttar Pradesh, why was he being a “Hindu Monk” questioned and attacked? Was this a use of the freedom of speech that so-called young “leaders” and film stars-cum-political analyst cry about these days?

Furthermore, Kapil Sibal, who is Congress’ spokesperson these days, with attacks on GDP growth, demonetisation, GST and more, put the final nail in the coffin with his comments on PM Modi. Mr. Kapil Sibal was quoted saying that the PM is not a Hindu. Well, if the “prince” has already declared that religion is a personal matter, then why did Kapil Sibal comment about the PM’s religion. Is this not hypocrisy? Also, since 2014, Congress party and opposition parties have attacked BJP and PM Modi on being communal. Well, now Mr Kapil, stating that the PM is not a Hindu, clearly shows abundance of hypocrisy within the Congress party.  This clearly shows that opposition parties are only busy in attacking the BJP and in the process exposing their own hypocrisy.

Finally, if Mr Rahul Gandhi does think that religion is a personal matter, why in the unfortunate UPA government rule in the past years, was there minority appeasement? Why was the blue-eyed boy of Congress party, Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, opposing the building of Somnath temple? These are small cases of Congress and opposition party’s hypocrisy on religion, there are even more, and while this article is being written, it won’t be surprising if another news of covering up of Rahul Gandhi’s religion comes from so called political analysts. If the cover up of Rahul Gandhi being a Janeu Dhari is an indicator, then audience be prepared for even more hypocrisy unfolding.

PS: My question to Congress, what have you done in the years you have ruled us?

Jai Hind!

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