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Minority Votebank

कांग्रेस कि भारत जोड़ो यात्रा: एक और षड्यंत्र

कांग्रेस का तो इतिहास हि बताने के लिए पर्याप्त है कि इसके जिस नेता ने भी सम्पूर्ण भारत के विकास की पहल की उसे कांग्रेस दरकिनार कर दिया गया या फिर उसकी हत्या करवा दी गई हमारे स्वर्गीय लाल बहादुर शास्त्री जी इसके प्रत्यक्ष उदाहरण हैं।

What harm ‘secular’ & ‘minority’ have done to India

The word ‘minority’ has also created a lot of problems in India. If India is a secular and democratic country and has to treat all its citizens equally, then where from the issue of minority comes?

शांतिप्रियों की भीड़ आ रही आपके घर के नजदीक

वो अपनी इच्छानुसार बेंगलुरु, पूर्णिया, मालदा में भीड़ जुटाते हैं, मजहबी नारे लगाते हैं और अपने धर्म पर टिप्पणी करने वालों के खिलाफ कार्यवाही करने के लिए आगजनी, दंगे करते हैं।

Victim card is better than credit card

Though many banks are offering credit card to it's customers through out the world, but Shantipriya community's people didn't want credit cards, they want victim card which they are using with great generosity.

Population Explosion 2 – The missing ‘Aadhar’

Congress in last seven decades did what British did i.e. divide. Congress ran an occupation in India exactly like the British did. Add more castes in the census then divide the states and constituencies based on the caste stats, inflate the numbers and rule.

Better not to mix politics with religion

Mixing politics with religion is vote-bank politics; this could have dangerous repercussions.

Citizenship Bill- A must for Indians to live in dignity and freedom: Hail Modi Govt.

The new bill is aimed to protect all Hindu, Sikkh, Jain, Parsi, Buddhist immigrants who entered India before December 31, 2014 and have spent minimum of 6 years in India.

The Left should leave: Read why

It’s a hobby for the Left liberal to defend the human rights of those who annihilate the human rights of others.

Congress hypocrisy: Last updated by Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal takes hypocrisy of Congress to next level!

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