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Victim card is better than credit card

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Though many banks (both public and private) are offering credit card to it’s customers through out the world, but Shantipriya community’s people didn’t want credit cards, they want victim card which they are using with great generosity. Our leaders and Kaampanthi Girohare providing them full moral support, the latest example is pogrom of Shantipriya community in Delhi, which was organised by Hindus of Delhi under the supervision of “HM”, narrative pushed by “kaampanthi portals” and the leftist media of the west.

But Opindia’s reporters busted their lies, in this same case now AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan is using victim card for AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain, which in convicted and named in police charge sheet, AAP MLA said that Delhi police is targeting him “KYONKI WO EK MUSALMAN HAI”, while people are pointing fingers at same mla for illegally settling “ROHINGYAS ” in delhi and arranging aadhar card for them, he is also known for his fanaticism.

Next is Safoora Zargar so called activist from Kishtwar (J&K) booked under UAPA, these leftist portals are now trying to victimize her by propagating that she is four months pregnant, “what if she is pregnant, jab boye ped babool ke to aam kahan se hoye”. She had to think what she was doing before inciting people, Yatha karm tatha phal.

Now comes to the second form of victim card that is often played by the influential Muslims “Is desh ka Musalman dara hua hai sahab”, the common line that u have heard in TV debates, you think “Ye to inka roz ka hai” but don’t take it easy because they are building a narrative, which they are going to use for endorsement of “HINDU SUPREMACY”. Now you think these people are not that smart how they came up with such narrative, here comes the Mulla-Urban Naxal nexus, you need to understand how this nexus work, essential components are money, distortion of history, and ideology. Petro-dollars are the main source of money along with Chinese investment in world media, second is distortion of history which they are good at, they recognize the indifference attitude of yours towards studying history and religious texts and start adulterating your history and sacred texts and attacking, burning then, example Manu Smriti, if u ask they know nothing about it but they can manipulate because you know nothing about it. Next part is ideological similarities, Islam wants to convert the whole to make it Islamic Ummah, the others want to spread communism which failed, but in Indian context Muslim wants Gazwa E Hind and communist wants to divide society and then want to maintain status quo.

They both want to grab power and rule India, but the Hindu nationalism is the biggest hurdle in their way, for that they start demeaning Hindus and their cultural values, label them as regressive and backward, creating division in the society and running successful campaign like “ADIVASI HINDU NAHIN HAI”, start pushing the narrative of “MOOLNIVASI”, Aryans and Dravidians, which are now dismantled by the research of river Sarswati excavation of Rakhigarhi in Haryana by Vasant Shinde, where some found artifacts are more than 5000 years old. DNA shared by Indians are same.

Right before the the transfer of power that we call independence, some Hindu nationalists recognize the problems of the society and start working on it, but real revolution came after the discovery of mobile phones and social media, which gave saffron party a chance to change the political course of this country, where people can call themselves politically incorrect and expose the hypocrite nature of these leftist biased historians and journalists. After may 2014 it became more known fact this nexus was losing grounds so they started returning to old tactics and started playing minority and victim card, singling out rarest of rare incident and making them national issues, Akhlaq lynching was one, but when people start rejecting their narrative, they resort to fake news and lies, which were highlighted after the 2019 general elections, first one was from Gurugram, after that it became daily occurrence. Article 370, Shri Ram Mandir, CAA, triple talaq, these sudden changes pushed them over the edge, and they start showing their original colour.

Last resort for them was to create anarchy and chaos, they started using these radical people by spreading lies about their safety and citizenship, which resulted into Delhi riots, hiding their crimes by saying “is sarkar ne unhe majboor kar diya ye sab krne pe”, they are not done yet, they are now openly inciting them by trending “#Muslim Dalit Adivasi lives matter”, please beware of them don’t get fooled by them, spread and share educate people and develop respect for your culture and country, support nationalists they need your support, verify every viral news.

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