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Hypocrites Liberals

Opinion: Left wing exposed? (using basic mathematics!)

This article involves basic elements of mathematics and other fields of science. I hope you get the point!

Know why they cry against ‘Hindu Rashtra’

The Left-Liberal cabal of India, like its Islamist counterpart, is against ‘Hindu Rashtra’ because of its disruptive ideology. The cabal members smell their much loved anarchy by opposing the majority community and aligning with violent component of particular minority community of India.

Education and liberalism

Is it actually education that “makes” man liberal? Or is it the society and religion that “makes” him conservative?

Liberals expose their extreme intolerance

The Liberals have been shown up for what they are. ‘The hypocritical bunch’, as historian Niall Ferguson called them once. It is strange that they cannot stand the heat in their kitchens.

सब याद रखा जायेगा

कहां थी ये निष्पक्षता; जब हुए जवान शहीद थे.. कहां था पर्यावरणवाद; बकरे वाली ईद पे

Victim card is better than credit card

Though many banks are offering credit card to it's customers through out the world, but Shantipriya community's people didn't want credit cards, they want victim card which they are using with great generosity.

क्यूँ भारत में मार्क्सवाद कभी सफल नहीं हो पाएगा

मार्क्सवाद का भारत में असफल होने का एक अन्य कारण उसका क्रूर स्वभाव है. समाज के समक्ष अहिंसा की दुहाई देने वाली यह वामपंथी विचारधारा वास्तव में अत्यंत क्रूर एवं वीभत्स है.

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