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Population Explosion 2 – The missing ‘Aadhar’

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetanhttp://infiniteseaofopportunities.com
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

Every sixth human being alive is of Indian origin. Every third Asian is Indian. Every year India produces more human beings than the entire population of certain European countries.

We are a billion more than the current US population and almost equal to China and catching up fast.

Population in India increased from 330 million in 1947 to 1,330 million in less than seventy years.

It looks like no matter what we do we fail at solving this problem. We thought over-population is a problem for every one. At least I did. But is it really a problem for every one? Is there anybody who benefits by the population explosion?

Before we move towards the answer to this question, I had one more question to raise.

Are you sure that the population figures that we are made aware of every ten years, correct and not manipulated? Is the census reliable?

How is the census data in India collected? What is the veracity of the data collected by mere asking? Do you seriously think people are so honest that they give correct information? There are localities where people throw utensils from their roofs when the electricity  guys goes to install meters or take readings to bill them. Do you think they would tell anybody about how many kids are there in the house? These people who don’t let the medical institutions provide free vaccinations in their localities. Do you think they would tell how many people are there in the their houses?

You must be naive, if you think everyone is honest. If it was like this, we would not have a need for  lawyers. Any body who would break a law would confess by himself/herself.

Yes, there are some ways of validating the number using the electoral data, ration cards etc. Verifying births from the hospitals so on and so forth. But how many kids in India take birth in hospitals? And how many hospitals are genuine?

The genuine errors are not what I am worried about. I am worried about the intentional manipulation of the census data. I have my doubts at the census data. However, neither me nor you can prove that the data is manipulated. Simply because neither me nor you have the resources to count the population.

But there are several instances which indicate the census numbers can be and are fudged for various gains.

As an example Nagaland during 1981-91 and 1991-2001 was growing at 56.09 and 64.53 percent respectively. However the population dramatically shrunk by .47 percent as per 2011 census. According to these figures, Nagaland’s population declined in absolute terms in the absence of war, famine, natural calamities, political disturbance and dramatic changes in the socio-economic correlates of fertility. This was unprecedented in the history of independent India. The actual reason was that the numbers were inflated so as to seek greater political representation in 2001.

Different categories in Census is another motivation for data manipulation.

Did you know that in the 1871 census, the caste data was available for Hindus, Muslims and Christians? However later, English rulers along with the Christian Missionaries did not want to divide the Christians as they considered them a part of “them” and Hindus and Muslims as “others”. Later Muslim league also refused for the caste census in Muslims. Now only Hindus were left. Sardar Patel did announce that caste would not be a prominent feature in the census 1951 and onward. You should go and ask Mr. Gandhi what did his ancestors do to side line that input of a deputy prime minister.

From 1970s onward, the religious data from census started getting delayed, however more and more categories were added in the census on the lines of different castes. It is the same time when there was heavy influx of Bangladeshis. Assamese did not ask for NRC just for fun, they actually were witnessing or rather fighting the heavy overlooked illegal immigration. The government conducted mass forced sterilization in states like UP, Rajastan, MP or HP, reducing population in the name of population control whereas let the refugees settle in Bengal and other northeastern states. The government for its own vote bank tried to change the demographics of the country. Please have a look at my previous blog : Population Explosion part 1.

A recent example, how did Hardik Patel know Patidars need his help? What Gujarat witnessed last year was a result of 2011 census data where the Patidar numbers looked big enough to be treated as a vote bank. If not Hardik Patel, someone else could have exploited this, it could have been Akhilesh Yadav or Mayawati fighting for them. Now the big question: How do you know that the Patidars are 12.3% of Gujarat’s population and this number is not inflated just to create a regional imbalance so as to destabilize state government or to say BJP’s stronghold? 

You don’t!!

Since Hardik Patel is now joining or have joined Congress, you could imagine who is who in the process and who benefits the most.

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In short, the congress government in last seven decades did what British did i.e. divide. I am telling you Congress ran an occupation in India exactly like the British did. The British tried to divide Hindus and Muslims on the basis of castes (Brits did not divide us as Hindus and Muslims, we were already divided, however, they did divide us on caste lines giving it an official status in the census). Congress continued dividing Hindus in castes as it helped their vote bank politics. Add more castes in the census then divide the states and constituencies based on the caste stats (officially – delimitation commission or boundary commission), inflate the numbers and rule.

When you increase the numbers in several castes and in turn an entire community, you by default reduce the percentages in other communities keeping the total number unaltered (high school ratio proportion exercise: How much water should be added to keep the concentration of salt in the solution below 15%?). This census manipulation is the only reason why Muslims in India are still not 15%. The moment they go past 15% the minority status goes away. The minority rhetoric would cease to exist. Indian National Congress always had only one agenda, minority appeasement. In the worst case scenario, a fatwa (a formal advice) could have also been issued to the community members to tell incorrect (of course less) number of kids in the house. That is undercounting achieved without even data fudging. If I could think this, somebody already did this.

Now the elephant in the room: Do you know the correct population of different communities in India?

No you don’t. Neither do I. But I am 100% sure that they are way way more than 15%.

How can we control the population if we don’t even know how much the population is? Can we do something about it?

Yes we can!

We need a system that does not include asking the questions and reduce human intervention. We need a Unique ID based census, i.e. we need Aadhar and that too with bio-matrics. Millions and millions of ghost accounts, gas connections and ration cards are already exposed by Aadhar. How? Simply because bio-matrics enabled Aadhar needs actual living person. You just can’t keep the dead alive or create imaginary people so as to achieve your political objective. Data fudging will be extremely difficult with automatic systems. Census has become one of the biggest scams in India history.

I think some people who managed aadhar cards “somehow” thought it to be just a number printed on a glossy paper. Of course fingerprints won’t match and authentication would fail. Blaming technology is easy. Aadhar is hack-able, EVM is hack-able. These are the narratives created to hide something. This is fear mongering. It works because it is a human nature to be scared of things which he does not understand. Ghosts, darkness, aliens, death are some examples of which people are scared until they start understanding them.

Now you know why a lot of Indian political leaders are crying foul for Aadhar. They know if it gets linked to ration cards, or schools or jobs, it would become next to impossible to manipulate the data and they would be exposed. Did you think it was about privacy? What privacy? Google and Facebook even know what you think. And you yourself gave your IDs, DLs and what not to a zillion people in the course of your life, the photocopy guy on the corner, knows everything about you, if he had your IDs with him.

The only way to separate census from political manipulation is by letting Aadhar do the census instead of people who are and can be corrupted easily.

If there is no caste census, how will secular parties like BSP (Dalits and Muslims), SP (Yadavs and Muslims) Congress (Muslims and Dalits and OBCs) will find which castes in which states are being oppressed? They would go out of business. Wouldn’t they? They would never want the population of their vote banks to reduce, however they would want to keep the numbers on papers minimal or just enough that it does not get highlighted. Now you know if there is anybody who benefits by the population explosion.

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Even though I believe that including the caste data in census is the reason of caste based politics and should be stopped right away. But first thing is first, we need a way to correctly count the people without any tempering. “hum 2 humare 2” or “chota parivar sukhi parivar” are not working because we are shooting in the dark. We have to first get our base numbers correct so as to seriously work on population control.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you need to vote for BJP.

They are the only party willing to take Aadhar further. If they don’t get the majority this time, the census in 2021 would be done in the exact way as it has always been done in the past and we would die without knowing our correct population. By the time 2031 comes, you might actually be a minority and then Aadhar or no Aadhar would make no difference. By the way, have you heard or followed Sharia Law ever? There might be surprise waiting for you in the near future.

Thank you for your time and patience!

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetanhttp://infiniteseaofopportunities.com
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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