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Gujarat Elections 2017

It was ‘KHAMP’ vs. Gujarati in Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017

18th December made it clear that for Gujaratis their state is more important than their caste.

In the game of Temple run, BJP-Congress omits Muslims

Gujarat assembly election campaign appears to completely forget about Muslim voters.

Congress hypocrisy: Last updated by Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal takes hypocrisy of Congress to next level!

The many inconsistencies of Rahul Gandhi

Video: Many inconsistencies and political opportunism of Rahul Gandhi

राहुल गांधी का राजनीतिक अवसरवाद

वीडियो: राहुल गाँधी के राजनीतिक अवसरवाद और असंगतियों पर एक नज़र

After ‘KHAM’, Congress relies on ‘PODA’ for Gujarat

Kham had helped Congress sweep assembly elections in Gujarat in 1985.

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