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The criminal silence of ‘liberals’ when RSS workers are being killed

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

Kerela is the bastion of the Communists since 1967. RSS, being the ideological foe of the communists i.e the ultra-left, there’s a strong tussle for power and might. Kerela has witnessed many politically motivated murders ever since communists preponderated over the state.

Hundreds of RSS and BJP workers have been liquidated ever since RSS opened its first Shakha in the state, and it still persists with the patronage of the new regime. This politically motivated murders finally came into limelight only in the recent times.

In last year, 14 RSS men have been hacked to death; and at least three of them were dalits. Suddenly Dalit Lives don’t matter for the “liberals”. Indian Liberals who generally masquerade as flag-bearers of all that is pure and good and outrage over the so-called ‘fascism’ of the right and are generally engrossed in decorating RSS as ‘the bad guy’, are amusingly reticent on the murders of RSS workers in Kerela.

Ann Coulter, American Columnist has exposed the hypocrisy of the Liberals saying, “Liberals find no bad guys on the left. There are only people who’ve been driven to desperation by conservative evil according to them”.

Indian Liberals, who are generally romancing the left, find no amiss in what is happening in the communist ruled state. All the ‘self-celebrated’ intellectuals, who believe they have monopoly over decision of right and wrong are now tight-lipped. In fact, some of them even went to an extent to call this savagery of the left as some ‘Fascist propaganda’. They are now reduced to washing the crimes of real fascists.

If this doesn’t reveal the sadist nature of these liberals, what will? They surely have no concern for the lives of conservatives, especially of Hindus. I just want to ask this violence-loving Hindu-bashing apologists of Islamofascism impersonating as envoys of humanity; why such tranquility and hostility towards RSS, which is the victim of the terrorists of the ideology you are in bed with? Don’t the RSS workers who have been lynched, assassinated and slaughtered have enough high standards to qualify for your #NOTINMYNAME protests?

Please be honest about your hypocrisy and hate.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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