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Pakistan, China, and Modi-haters — The unholy trinity against India

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I write about Governance, Policy, Elections and other contemporary issues.

Earlier a section Indian Media and Liberals used to blame ‘Nationalism’ for anything and everything, then slowly Pakistan started doing the same, and now the Chinese media has started talking about ‘Hindu Nationalism’.

Don’t be surprised if Pakistan or China starts blaming Upper Caste Hindus for border issues tomorrow. And back in India, you may witness ‘Language, Regional Identity or Some Ruckus on whatever issues’ in upcoming times.

See, China is in no position to directly attack India, and Pakistan has no capability to do so, therefore, China is trying to buy the narrative and infuse fear among Indians. Don’t be surprised if you see sudden inflow of op-eds telling you that China can crush India in a few days.

This narrative is the third and that half front of war (Remember when Army Chief Gen Rawat said that we’re ready for two and half front war).

This is a dangerous design, Pakistan in its parliament had adopted policy of buying out narrative-setting groups of India to destabilize India through various means like inciting violence on small issues by exploiting the fault lines in the society such as language and caste. Now China appears to be doing the same. Keep watching “neutral” people indulging in propaganda on behalf of China in coming days.

Let me ask you this question, Have you seen any environment activist (PIL Industry) saying a single word against China despite visible environment violation in China. These PILs and Protests are delaying Big Infra project back in India, and they make noise for projects even in Australia because Adani is involved, but keep mum about China. Who is going to get benefit out of these?

Here is another design; the fear mongering just before the visit of any influential nation’s head. For example: Church Attacks just before the visit of German Chancellor Angela Markel, Intolerance drive preview just before then US President Barak Obama’s visit and many more cases; Can this be a coincidence only? I doubt!

This fear mongering has been done to distract the attention of Investors in India. They tried everything to give an impression that India is not a good country to invest and get return. Tell me, why would any investor want to put a money in such a country? Can you quote one investors’ summit either in India or when PM Modi is trying to meet them outside India, when there has been no outrage that hurts India’s chances to get some good investment? Who is going to benefit if India doesn’t attract any investment? Who don’t want to see ‘Powerful India?’ Friends of India or Enemies of India?

The purpose of China/Pakistan and Pseudo Leftist Liberals look same. They are executing one grand agenda – defame India and try to hurt her growth.

What unites Pakistan, China, Opposition Parties or Liberal Leftists? ‘The Unlimited hate against PM Narendra Modi’, No?

The professors/NGOs/Journalists, whose only qualification is their Anti Modi agenda, are fighting a battle to finish Modi. Existence of these people depends upon the removal of Modi, therefore, they’re going all out against Modi and somewhere acting against the Nation in the process.

See, how Political Parties are contributing in this unholy alliance. Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar went to Pakistan and asked the help of Pakistanis to remove the PM Narendra Modi. It was followed with a surge in terror activities and the LOC violations by Pakistan. Did you see the reaction of Congress, AAP, Left parties etc. and Pakistan after surgical strike? Weren’t they speaking in same tone demanding proof of surgical strikes?

Now they are teaming up with China. As per leaked images of Rahul Gandhi and Chinese Officials in India, Rahul Gandhi has been secretly meeting Chinese Officials and on the other end, the peaceful Border of Sikkim had seen standoff between India and China. Decades old peace was broken and for what reason? What happened during the meet? What was exchanged?

I don’t have information but I could see the results of the meeting, now again, I could see the tone of Chinese media is as same as the tone of any Lutyen’s media person. Can you buy the coincidence argument? I doubt if you could. This isn’t just a coincidence but a well scripted thesis to destabilize India and remove PM Narendra Modi.

This is a fight of our ‘Survival’. Keep your eyes open and ears open. We have to fight this.

Army can deal with two fronts but the nationalist forces have to fight with this half front, I know, You’ll mocked, humiliated or boycotted for standing for the Nation, unfortunately this is what we’ve received as legacy since 1947. However, the power of nationalism is too strong. You just need to inspire your feelings. Don’t want to dictate your faith, but what if we choose ‘Bharat Mata’ as our unanimous God for next few years? Treat this as holy war against this unholy alliance.

Rise up to your DNA, we can do it and I’m sure we’ll do it.

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I write about Governance, Policy, Elections and other contemporary issues.
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