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Manipur and other NE states of India: They stand gracefully tall since the time of the Mahabharata

The importance the North Eastern states especially Manipur held since the times of Mahabharata: Arjuna, was killed in Manipurby the king Babruvahana, was brought back to life by another North-Eastern Naga Princess Ulupi.

The martyrs of Galwan: Honoring the bravery and sacrifice of India’s heroes

The Galwan Valley clash of June 15, 2020, showcased the extraordinary bravery and unwavering courage of the Indian Army in the face of a formidable adversary.

How red voracity will be used and thrown in West: The Communism of errors

The red revolution which fought against the dynasties and dictatorship now has the same visage. 

China’s Century?

“China’s Century” is a neologism that has become increasingly pertinent in the past few decades, with the Global Language Monitor finding that the “Rise of China” was a news story whose popularity eclipsed 9/11, the Iraq War, the election of Obama, and even the British Royal Wedding (!).

लिथुवानिया, चीन के विरुद्ध भारत का नया मित्र

सोवियत संघ के विघटन के फलस्वरुप स्वतन्त्र हुआ एक छोटा सा देश है लिथुवनिया। इस देश की सीमाएं पोलैंड से मिलती हैं। लिथुवानिया अब यूरोपिय यूनियन का सदस्य है।

Polarizing the World: USA, China and the opportunity for India

The US already recognizes India as a key ally in its Indo-Pacific strategy, irrespective of their administration.

Decoding General Manoj Pande’s quote about the ‘whole-of-nation approach’ to deal with China: What he possibly meant

General Pande has not specified the reason for making the ‘whole-of-nation approach’ as part of his statement

Endorse India’s strategic autonomy if want to contain prowling China

India’s strategic autonomy must be seen as an attempt to isolate China, which will be beneficial to the super power US and the democratic and developed West retaining their competitive edge over their new economic and military rival i.e. the prowling communist ruled Asian giant.

Master Kong and Ramanuja can cut a Ticket to Xi Dada’s return to normalcy

What options does India really have against belligerent China? Can India afford to spend billions of dollars on war footing to enhance its defense & deterrence capabilities at this critical juncture?

Democratic Taiwan shouldn’t be another Crimea & Afghanistan

Democratic Taiwan vows to defend her independence comes what way. But, it is difficult to believe that despite Taiwan’s determination, the isle nation is safe going by the giant PRC’s determination and its leaders recently exhibited belligerence and land hunger.

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