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Master Kong and Ramanuja can cut a Ticket to Xi Dada’s return to normalcy

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Belligerent China

Following a deadly India-China border clash in June last year in the strategically important Galwan valley, tensions have been high between the two nuclear-armed neighbors. With the collapse of the latest and the thirteenth round of military talks, noises of war drums and battle trumpets are being increasingly heard from the Chinese side.

Recent Pentagon’s report has diligently covered China’s ‘two-pronged war’ against India and Taiwan. The report also highlighted China’s determined focus to capitalize on the advanced emerging technologies and innovations to better equip its armed forces and improve its stealth capabilities.

In August this year, China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, a glide vehicle technology that can circle the Earth at low altitude before descending to hit its target. This test has shaken military establishments and has triggered national security crises across nations like the USA, Australia, Japan, etc including India.

China has leapfrogged in the space weaponization arena as well with the deployment of space-based robotic arm technologies for seizing and shattering enemy satellites. This technology can effectively bring all target countries to their knees by knocking out communication satellites. This can also bring all military operations to a grinding halt as it will neutralize all satellite-based GPS applications that are indispensable in warfare, and are ubiquitously used to position, navigate, synchronize and communicate with military forces and defense assets in real-time.

China has already become the world’s largest Navy and is a notorious leader in cyber warfare. Moreover, with the unleashing of the covid-19 pandemic, China’s competencies in biological warfare need no special mention. 

Further, China is also on the verge of inducting the world’s first twin-seat variant of its J-20 fighter jet. It is said that an extra seat on this stealth fighter jet allows the second pilot to deal with complex real-time tasks that cannot be otherwise handled by a single pilot alone- like the electronic warfare, control of accompanying unmanned drones, and training of artificial intelligence (AI) to get an edge in air warfare.

Reports indicate that China spends more than a billion dollars on military artificial intelligence (AI) alone which is more than the most powerful nation-the USA. Undoubtedly China’s new arsenal may be untested and imprecise as of now, but is technologically advanced and is on the path to perfection.

Of the two war fronts- India and Taiwan, China believes India is an easier target. After Joe Biden promised that the US would defend Taiwan, reports are emerging that China is accelerating its Plan-B to test India first instead of Taiwan, and punish India for aligning with democracies and for acting as a counterbalance to China’s might in the Indo-Asia-Pacific regions.

And in response, India too is making some noises by showcasing its commensurating defenses and deterrence capabilities, and also niche offensive abilities like high-altitude mountain warfare postures, Rafale jets, Agni-V, etc. And India’s own hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos-II will take at least till 2025 to get fully commissioned into the armed forces. Not to mention, India is way behind in the adoption of emerging technologies like AI, cyberwarfare, space robotics, etc. for defense applications.

So what options does India really have against belligerent China? Can India afford to spend billions of dollars on war footing to enhance its defense & deterrence capabilities at this critical juncture? India has other pressing priorities and solemn duties like lifting millions of people from poverty and enabling a decent livelihood and quality of life to many more millions of people. Precious resources from developmental projects have to be diverted for defense and national security. For war is costly, it is not simply expedient, and only if neighbors are friendly, development and progress can be in full throttle. 

And even if India has such deep pockets, the time window is too small for immediate deployment of such advanced warfare arsenals to effectively counter China. Moreover, domestic constituents are already bawling about high fuel prices without proper consideration of national security.

The bitter reality is that India is lagging behind on quantum and technological sophistication of its arsenals, and has very limited options to counter hegemonic China on equal footing. India cannot ask other nations to fight its wars. However, India can take combat assistance from others, and Indian forces surely do have the courage, exceptional loyalty, unwavering determination to defend, the extraordinary will to fight till the end, and to win and protect the sacred national integrity and sovereignty. 

History Repeats

Here, We must seriously contemplate as to how we have come to such a historic crisis. Evidently, China’s belligerent has started intensifying only after Xi Dada’s (Xi Jinping) reappointment as president without term limits, following constitutional amendments in 2018. He has undertaken a complete overhauling of China’s domestic and foreign policies under the “Xi Jinping Thought” banner.

To consolidate his absolute power, Xi has also sidelined age-old Master Kǒng’s teachings and philosophies, which are centered around moral principles and individualism, and has resurrected Han Fei’s ancient political philosophy of Legalism as mainstream Chinese thought that advocates for an absolute autocratic government, controlled by a strong ruler, stricter laws, and harshest punishments.

Traditionally for about more than two millennia, Chinese people have always taken pride in Master Kǒng’s teachings and philosophy. Master Kǒng, famously known as Confucius to the outside world is considered the paragon of Chinese sages, and has remained very influential politically or otherwise, across China till date. If there has to be any vague parallels, Master Kǒng can be considered as Dharmaraj of China. Such widespread and profound are Master Kǒng’s ethical thoughts and influence on the Chinese psyche.

But Xi has successfully managed to exploit Confucian concepts and philosophies, and repackaged it to make his case for a centralized government, authoritarian rule, and even justify bellicosity and conflict. Even Confucius Institutes established around the world to promote Chinese language and culture are misused as trojan horses to carry out industrial and military espionage, CCP’s propaganda, and to manipulate overseas political and public opinion in favor of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Let alone Master Kǒng, Xi is also competing for legacy even with Mao Zedong (China’s Founding Father), and Deng Xiaoping (Architect of Modern China) not by virtues or deeds but for the goal of legacy per se. Apart from strengthening his political position as both general secretary of the CCP and President of the country, Xi Jinping became the paramount leader, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the Chairman of National Security Commission, and has also become the rare “leadership core”.

Xi’s mad quest to become eternal is driving China to the brinks of war and isolation. Without any opposition or debate, Xi’s political thoughts are one-sidedly being incorporated into the party and national constitutions, academic curriculum, universities and public discourses, etc.

This unstoppable trajectory of Xi Jinping should remind us about a dark episode in the history of how Hitler has happened in the 20th century. Hitler having expansionist ideas has risen to become a supreme authority as führer. Xi too having similar expansionist ideas has risen to become the “leadership core” and paramount leader of China.

Hitler has transformed Germany into a war state for conquering Europe for the benefit of the so-called Aryan race. Xi’s new Land Border Law is also transforming China into a war state for conquering Taiwan, south china sea, parts of India and other neighboring countries for removing the obstacles for realizing its goal of national rejuvenation for the benefit of Chinese people with an inclination mostly towards ethnic Han Chinese.

Hitler believed democratic regimes as incompetent and inefficient and he began dismantling Germany’s democratic institutions. Xi too targeted Hong Kong’s democratic structures and touted western democracies as the ‘game of the rich,’ and are “suffering a crisis of confidence”. Xi is instrumental in promoting his own brand of flawed democracy, without any fundamental rights to Chinese citizens or freedom of press, under a one-party system with notional presence of few political parties approved by the CCP.

Like Hitler, Xi too is notable for paving the way for developing a cult of personality around him. Xi oversaw numerous instances where his cult personality is fostered and fanned by the central propaganda department- like the members of the National People’s Congress crying in happiness because of his re-election as president in 2018, replacing Jesus pictures with his own in Churches and homes, accepting titles like the “eternal core”, “People’s Leader”, the “Great Helmsman”, eye-catching images in newspaper front-pages capturing his every move, and sentimental music videos professing love and loyalty to him at every juncture etc.

Nazi Party had a newspaper, an official flag, and a private army. The CCP has a newspaper, television channel, an official flag, and an official army. “Xi Jinping Thought” is nothing but a whitewashed diplomatic version of Mein Kampf.

In Hitler’s Germany, all citizens were required to unselfishly serve the state. Individual rights were sacrificed for the good of the führer state and racially pure Germans are to be loyal to their führer. Likewise in Xi’s China, Hans are at the center stage, and conscriptions are enforced to serve the state. Return to “Chinese Legalism” prioritizes the state over its people under the banner of “Common Prosperity”.

For Hitler and Nazis, Jews were found repugnant because the German Communist Party was heavily Jewish, and the financial economy was controlled by powerful Jewish financiers. Famous Socialist revolutionary and Communist ideologue Karl Marx was also considered Jewish. Similarly for Xi and the CCP, humanists Confucians, Falun Gong practitioners, democratic Taiwanese, freedom-loving Hong Kongers, Muslim Uighurs from of Xinjiang are all like kind of Hitler’s Jews to Xi Jinping and they are to deserve “genocide” and “concentration camps”.

Hitler significantly enhanced military spending, expanded the army, reintroduced conscription, and began developing a new air force. Xi also is expanding the PLA with emerging technologies, reintroduced conscription, and began developing a new space combat force. Like Hitler suppressed the Communist Party and purged his own paramilitary troopers, Xi too imprisoned and purged high-level officials and CCP heavyweight opponents such as Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang, Sun Zhengcai, Xu Caihou under the campaign of fighting corruption. Infact Xi also started persecuting civilians like Jack Ma, pop stars, journalists, sports and television personalities and businesses who do not dance to his tunes.

Like Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles, Munich Pact and Locarno Pact, Xi has also violated Hong Kong Handover Treaty, border pacts with India, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and various other international Human Rights, Social and Cultural Rights Treaties. Similarly as Hitler started a low-intensity undeclared war on Czechoslovakia to expand national boundaries, and to force the surrender of the Sudetenland, a mountainous border region predominantly populated by ethnic Germans, Xi has also started low-intensity warfare on India at the himalayan border to annex Arunachal Pradesh and swallow large tracts of land along the LAC.

Nazi Germany had produced huge amounts of the deadly chemical compound, enough to kill millions of people to achieve their goal. Xi’s China has also manufactured and unleashed biological agents like coronavirus which has actually killed millions of people. What more and how many more similarities need to be drawn for the world to realise that History is repeating. If anyone feels missed seeing Hitler live from the 20th century, they can see him now in Xi Jinping, but only without a mustache. All above mentioned striking historical and characteristic resemblances should serve as a wake up call for the leaders around the world before it is too late.

Peace Envoying

China’s Confucius has set forth the well-known principle: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.”. Does Xi’s China follow this Golden Rule as espoused by their beloved Master Kǒng?

Over the last few decades, China has grown strong. Once it has perceived itself as strong, the next thing that naturally comes up is what is its identity, and what do they stand for ideologically.

The Communist, Socialist, Marxist and Leninist ideals that CCP heavily banks on are all foreign imports and are not China’s original ideas. The masquerade Capitalism it follows is not their own. The Democracy everybody wants in China, and wants for China, is not their aboriginal. They have discarded religion all together so they cannot own any of it. The CCP is really in a fix where to look for inspiration for statecraft.

Strong China under Xi is currently undergoing the “Identity Crisis” and “Crisis of Confidence”. There seems to be nothing original from Xi’s China on the ideological front that is relevant to others and the current Chinese leadership is clueless and helpless. This is the reason why Xi Jinping is bringing out repackaged concepts of existing ideologies such as “Common Prosperity”, “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, “Xi Jinping Thought” etc, and bragging as though they are authentic Chinese ideologies and contributions.

India on the other hand stands for ideas like, “Let noble thoughts come to us from every side”, pluralism, religions including Buddhism, Spirituality, Non-Violence, Yoga, Ayurveda, Truth (Satyagraha and Truth alone triumphs), Absolute Knowledge Non-Dualism, Atithi Devo Bhava, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Antyodaya, etc. India celebrates its own ideological contributions and feels proud that they are relevant and wanted by others.

A famous Chinese diplomat Hu Shih once said “ India has conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” This profound statement speaks volumes about India’s character and contributions.

On the other hand, China does not have any intellectual & philosophical offerings to make to the world. Confucius has set forth some great principles like: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.” etc that are relevant for everybody. But, Is Xi’s China following this Golden Rule espoused by their own beloved Master Kǒng? Does China want itself to be pushed around, bullied, encroached upon, and inflicted with pain?.

Then why is Xi’s China resorting to belligerent acts on other nations that it does not wish for itself?. If China were to follow its own ancient doctrines, it should celebrate Confucius’ thoughts instead of sidelining and exploiting it. The sole influential Master Kǒng would be ashamed of today’s Xi’s China. Sane voices in China, within the CCP, within the National People’s Congress, and the PLA must object to Xi’s expansionist adventurism if at all they are patriotic, have integrity, and are original to their roots. But whereas India with all its openness and tolerance can readily embrace Confucius.

India is about to unveil a 216-foot-tall “Statue of Equality” of Sri Ramanujacharya that is planned to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February next year near the Hyderabad international airport. Sri Ramanujacharya is referred to as an icon of Equality. He has professed equality across classes and religions and his statue signifies, his profound wisdom on the philosophy of equality drawn from the Vedas, and the theological as well as social reformative contributions to mankind at large.

In traditional Confucianism, there are considerable elements of equalitarianism. Proportional equality is the main notion of equality in Confucian philosophy and it is realized in moral, economic, and political realms. The Confucian theory that All are Equal originates from the theory of human beings’ intrinsic goodness and is directly connected with the modern principle of equality.

Moreover the “Statue of Equality” also has a direct relationship with China. The 216-ft statue of Sri Ramanujacharya – made of panchaloha (an alloy of gold, silver, copper, brass and tin/lead) was made in China (by Aerosun Corporation) and was then brought to India in 54 shipments. About 168 Yalis that are to be installed around the “Statue of Equality” are getting ready by artisans from Quyang, Baoding, and Hebei provinces of China. Chinese artisans are equipped with exceptional sculpting skills and modern instruments that are needed to create an exact representation of the temple Yalis.

So as a peace envoy, and as an attempt to arrest further deterioration of conflict, and to build goodwill and faith between the two nations, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami must consider installing an idol of Master Kǒng alongside Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. BR Ambedkar in the Museum of Equality at the “Statue of Equality”. Many temples and idols are built for film stars, politicians, and cricket gods in tolerant India, and there is nothing wrong to have a temple or an idol for Master Kǒng, if this could pay homage to the great sage, to break the ice towards peace.

The Indian government should encourage Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, and facilitate invitations to Xi Jinping, and to the members of China’s National People’s Congress and to the makers of “Statue of Equality” and Yalis, as chief guests to attend the unveiling ceremony of “Statue of Equality” and Master Kǒng’s idol/ temple in February next year.

Just to highlight, the principle of equality, and equality among social classes is the foundation stone for all Communist, Socialist, Marxist and Leninist ideologies. So the “Statue of Equality” should also resonate well with the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party as well, and there should not be any hesitation on part of Xi Jinping and his CCP to participate in the unveiling ceremony, especially when India is honoring China, its sage, its artisans, its sculpting skills and its ancient contributions.

Australian Secretary of Home Affairs Michael Pezzullo has recently said “We must search always for the chance for Peace amidst the curse of War”…. “War might well be folly, but the greater folly is to wish away the curse by refusing to give it thought and attention, as if in so doing, war might leave us be, forgetting us perhaps.”

India as a responsible nation must leave no stone unturned to avoid war, prevent undue economic shocks, unnecessary bloodshed and loss of life on both sides. With the collapse of military level talks and diplomatic deadlocks, India must pursue all other avenues available to achieve its endgame of peace. This does not, in any way, mean surrender to the adversary or sign of weakness. When push comes to shove, let there be a war, and nobody can do anything about it but to face it head-on, as war is unilaterally being imposed on India by design.

After the Pandavas fulfilled their years of exile, Yudhishthira wanted peace, and tried to seek peace with the Kauravas, and requested Krishna to be their envoy of peace. Krishna too believed that Kauravas should be given one more chance to redeem themselves, and that war should be avoided at all costs as scores of innocent lives will be lost and destroyed. When Draupadi and Sahadeva disagreed, Krishna said that if the Kauravas refuse his offer for peace, war is inevitable. Lord Krishna strongly advocated for peace and he said “Be ready for war with peace in mind“.

So to tone down the tempers, the Indian government should capitalise this golden opportunity of peace envyoing with the “Statue of Equality”, and try to build back good faith between the two countries. Not trying for peace is a crime. If Xi Dada wants real legacy and eternality, and if he does not want to end up on the wrong side of history, he should consider heeding to the sane voices from his foreign policy & relations team, and visit India in February. Who knows, great personalities who lived thousands of years ago can resolve today’s conflicts. Will India do its part right, right now, remains to be seen.

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