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Hindu Pilgrims & ancient holy Yatras- The new target of liberal intellectual mafias

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Liberals only have empathy for the exact same victims- always the ones that are represented by powerful liberal interest groups but apathy and contemptuousness for the other group which they call the ‘majority’.

Their scornful and disrespectful attitude towards them is not due to Majoritarianism but because it doesn’t create and arouse that same romantic fascination for them. The reason is, it suits their agenda of ‘Hindu Bashing’.

Any broad minded truly liberal or for that matter any individual should have their facts first and then try to build the narrative around it. But for our modern day liberals, they have their narrative fixed first and then they create & experiment with facts around it. Their narrative is plain and simple which is Hinduphobhic to the core.

In my previous article Sadistic pleasures of Liberals I mention how the liberal intellectuals find joy in mocking Hinduism and its traditions. But of late there is a new aspect seemingly becoming more prominent and pre-dominant in the Liberal discourse. Lately there has been a concentrated and a deliberate attempt and an effort in politicizing our Yatras and pilgrimage by painting them communal and thereby demeaning them. They intentionally want to link the Yatras which have been going on from centuries into some event of regressive unsocial activity, thereby linking it to ‘ultranationalism’ and ‘jingoisim’.

Such is the nature of their evil that they create and propagate fake news to give the holy and sacred Yatras a political colour. They want to portray our religion in a certain way and this is exactly why they are systematically targeting our roots.

Kanwar Yatra is an auspicious pilgrimage observed by Lord Shiva’s devotees every year, in which they undertake Yatra to Hindu pilgrimage centers to collect Ganga water, and then offer the ‘Ganga Jal’ in the local Shiva temples. Hence, these Shiv devotees are popularly referred as “Kanwars” or “Kanwariyas” and the entire pilgrimage is referred as “Kanwar Yatra”.

The peaceful Kanwaris go about their journey chanting ‘BAM BHOLE’ with a smile on their face and a lifted spirit. But somehow the Kanwaris carrying Jhoola, Khadi, Baithi & Dak (means to carry Ganga water) are now being projected as elements of great danger to the society. The Sadhus are now a threat to ‘secular’ India for our intellectuals and as if instead of Jhoola and Baithi they were carrying with them life threatening instruments which can disrupt the peace. The Kanwar Yatris are now some kind of ‘uncivilized’ antisocial elements.

There exists an elitist’s regressive mentality- which makes our liberal feels that the cities are for them only. One shouldn’t dare to enter their beautiful city to pollute them. It is the sole task of our liberal elites. Our ‘beautiful’ city’s swachata can be compromised for a certain ‘Global citizen concert’ or for that matter by Justin Bieber’s fan boys/girls.

It is important you know. It is important as it gives a message ‘Art has no boundaries, music has no boundaries’ . Such deep messaging is required for world peace. Isn’t it ?

Our city’s pollution control is not more important than illegal slaughter houses which causes menace and as terrible as the wastewater problems from slaughterhouses may be, their greenhouse gas emissions are equally frightening. It should be allowed to function because it has a ‘secular’ certificate from liberal brigade. Without Tunday Kababs our life would come to halt.

But Kanwariya’s should be taught basic manners and civility because they are not qualified enough to use the Highways and roads. They are not ‘civilized enough’ for our liberals. Yes that is the exact thought process of our elites. This liberal hypocrisy is just baffling. And so what if Muslim mob attacks when they pass through ‘Muslim’ area. For them it is the Kanwariyas responsible for destroying communal harmony, not Muslim mobs who attack them because it is ‘their’ area.

Telepathically all of our elites are now focused about the traffic problem suddenly as if one has to submit a research paper to their masters tomorrow and in conclusion they have decided to blame the ‘uncivilized’ Kanwariyas for it.

‘Prominent’  journalists tweeting, writing op-eds and articles how Kanwariyas are messing their city prop up like wild grass.

I am not objecting to their suddenly found interest in solving traffic problems. I am objecting to their selective amnesia and cherry picking of occasions. I just hope that their new found zeal in traffic solution is maintained through out the year and in every day of a week from Monday to ‘Friday’. I hope they will write in future how peaceful prayers are held even on rail track and stations. Here the UP govt has issued advisories to carry their ID card to avoid entry of any mischievous elements anf the routes of Kanwariyas have been fixed.

The most  prominent reason for such a campaign against Hindu pilgrims and Yatras is their effort to paint India ‘secular’ in which there is no place for Saffron. The holy saffron color is now a pain in the eyes for our intellectual mafias. In the garb of opposition to the ruling party BJP they are now opposing and becoming a Hindrance to the cultural identity. Articles are written on portals regarding how there is new ‘nationalistic’ wave behind the Yatra and which is dangerous for the ‘secular’ fabric of this country.

According to left liberals, carrying our National flag during Yatras is ultra patriotism and effect of Hindutva. It seems it is a crime nowadays to carry our Indian flag though I still don’t know which section of IPC can be applied on it. If according to our liberals, carrying our National flag represents one particular community or one particular political party, aren’t they indirectly conceding their lack of respect for our Indian flag? Aren’t they unknowingly acknowledging the fact that they can’t associate Indian flag with one particular community? Who is being communal and bigot in such case? Who is painting the whole community in one color in such case? No answers.

It is not just limited to Kanwar Yatra. Kashmiri journalists feel that Hindu pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra are polluting the scenic beauty of their state. They don’t have problems with their innocent radicalized youths polluting Kashmir when they pick up guns or pelt stones at security forces.For some of them carrying national flag is dangerous and a political signal and ‘patriotism on your sleeve can backfire’. It may cost your life. But the very same people feel waving Pakistani flag after Friday Jumma Namaz is a part of ‘Kashmiriyat’ and anger of misguided youths. I would not be surprised if future attacks on Amarnath Yatris are linked with nationalism and to this issue. They can stoop to any level. Nothing is impossible for them.

Fake news are being created to show the Kanwariyas in a bad light. In a systematic way the liberal establishment tried to propagate the news of shutting down of non veg shops around Noida. This veg non veg angle is increasingly becoming a new tool for the liberal brigade. Some even went on to say that the Kanwariyas themselves forced the non veg shops to be shut down and Local SHO was transferred forcefully by the UP Govt.

The Noida police was quick to react and they clearly and boldly clarified that there is no such dictate or circular from state govt. But who cares. As I said before liberals don’t believe in facts and figures. They are innovative and make up their own facts. Even after Noida police issued a clarification, news portals went on with their usual propaganda.

Their hidden agenda is to target the newly elected UP govt which some people think, is headed by a ‘Miltant Hindutva’ leader. Even when the new Yogi govt in UP has taken all measures to ensure smooth traffic control, making it sure that Yatra is completely peaceful.

If we further minutely analyse their discourse we will see a pattern- a pattern which tries to link the peaceful Yatras to the violence of another ‘peaceful’ religion. This is not monkey-balancing. It is a deliberate attempt of liberals to make us feel dejected about our own culture. They want to use this as brownie points to settle the scores. They want to indirectly justify the violence of Kashmiri radicalized youths by painting them as victims in the hands of Hindu pilgrims. It is a part of their ‘Abhrahamic Hindutva’ project. It is part of establishing the connection that ‘minorities’ is the sole proprietor of Victimhood’.

Is Hindu a victim? Yes. A victim of evil malicious designs of intellectual mafias. It is a victim of vicious false campaigns arising from their subconscious. It is difficult to change their mentality which is now confined within its narrow boundaries. Stupidity is a luxury. You will find time and time again that those who are overwhelmingly on the left are those who can afford to be so. What we need is to call out their bluff and expose their mental bias.

In their haste to be nobler and appear more secular than others, the anointed ones are destroying our cultural identity and that should be stopped with all force and at all cost. If we keep silence and try to ignore their ignorance we will find ourselves at the receiving end very frequently. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. So it is time to unite and defend our culture otherwise it may face a threat of non existence and exponential decay.

‘Do not go gentle into that dark liberal trap, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of our culture.’

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