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Marx to Mohammad – saga of Indian communists

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Jihadis joining hands with the Maoists to destabilize India is no more a hidden secret. Anyway what else they could do, they have failed always in destabilizing India so now only thing they can do is to be helping hands to Jihadis for destabilizing India.

They went on being puppets of the British for making India being ruled by them, still you can find their British Bhakti in their texts that how they have manipulated Indian history for English. Anyhow India got independence and they failed.

BR Ambedkar said, “The Communist Party want a Constitution based upon the principle of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it is based upon parliamentary democracy.”

This statement of Baba Saheb clearly shows communist not only opposed constitution but they also wanted India under their Dictatorship. Fortunately Indian constitution is still followed and India continues to be a democratic country. They lost it again.

The undivided CPI supported China, putting ideology above nation while India was fighting Chinese aggression in 1962, they betrayed India in Indo-China war. They even refused to donate bloods to soldier war of 1962, though India lost the war China didn’t annex India and their dream shattered again.

Later on they tried to destabilize India by giving the name of ideology to an uprising of small village in West Bengal but they could not do much harm to India. It seems now they thought to put aside all their ideology and use their last arrow by aligning themselves to Jihadi groups to destabilize India after all their prime motto has been destabilizing India since 1925.

On June 23, Times Now had claimed to access conversion rate cards, the price for converting a girl to Islam ranges from 2 Lakh to 7 Lakh root of such ISIS backed terror supporting agencies involved, having their organization deeply rooted in GAZA street, Kerala, the breeding land of Indian communist makes it clear that communist big shots have been supporting such act since a long time.

According to an intelligence report submitted to the state police chief two ‘recognised’ religious conversion centres in Kozhikode and Malappuram converted as many as 5,793 people to Islam between 2011 and 2015. Conversions happening in unrecognised centres in the state could be much higher. (reported in TOI dated July 15, 21016). However, conversion is not the only way these communist are helping terrorist organizations. Everyone is well aware that one among many comrades in faculty, Sir Kamal Mitra Chenoy was one of the favourite guests of Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai. The same Fai who was arrested in USA for being funded by ISI for his separatist group KAC. Professor like Gilani who support Kashmir separatist activities  gets massive support from comrades in faculty.

More often we find our communist media brigade, the so called ‘social servants’ and urban Naxals living in furnished quarters of Indian universities rant reluctantly for pardoning and organizing martyrdom of terrorists like Memon and Afzal. Moreover, you will also find them defending Kashmiri separatist on pretext of  human right violation by Indian Army. Only they can find a peace messenger in those stone pelters.

Talking about their armed brigade, the Naxalites better say them armed communist because Naxalbari was busy uprising which was given a name of ideology just to destabilize India. Experts aren’t denying the involvement of Islamic terrorist Organization’s involvement in March 31, Odisha Maoist attacks.

Anil Kamboj, counter-terrorism analyst said, “Blowing up railway tracks by using chain improvised explosive device (IED) is a dangerous trend. A possible involvement of Pakistan’s ISI-backed sleeper cells can’t be ruled out, as these modules for quite some time had been trying to contact insurgent groups in the country”. However this is not the first time that Naxal-Jihadi nexus have been highlighted.

on 19 July 2016, a charge sheet submitted by NIA to special court in Delhi states that ISIS was planning to get weapons from Maoist to carry out terror strike across India. Many meeting between LeT and Maoist have been reported in 2010 by Ben West of Starfor and list doesn’t end here.

Now it is vivid clear that devotees of Marx had became helping hand for lost child of Mohammad. Now religion is no more opium for them. They happily moved from Marx to Mohammad. And of course Indian government should pay much attention to this issue else days are not far when these communist will help Jihadi in doing Iran to India.

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