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Terrorism in Kashmir

How to counter the pro-terrorism propaganda by some multinational companies

We can minimize future mischiefs by teaching a strong lesson to these MNCs today.

Another brainwashed Jihadi- Indian Army nabs 19 y-o LeT terrorist Ali Babar Patra

Ali Babar Patra, a 19 y-o Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist from Pakistan was nabbed by the Indian Army. He, along with his aide carried out armed infiltration into the Indian side.

Pulwama Terror Attack: Generals, Scientist react

If wars start in the minds of men, then peace logically ought to start there as well.

कश्मीर में शान्ति बहाली ही शहीदों को सच्ची श्रधांजलि होगी

जिस दिन कश्मीर की वादियाँ फिर से केसर की खेती से लहलहाते हुए खेतों से खिलखिलाएँगी, उस दिन कारगिल शहीदों को हमारे देश की ओर से सच्ची श्रद्धांजलि होगी।

Marx to Mohammad – saga of Indian communists

All thanks to Indian liberals and communists for cultivating Jihad-Naxal nexus.

Clamping down on separatists

Prime Minister should seriously consider banning the separatist groups and declaring it unlawful under the provisions of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Practical, theoretical and psychological take on Kashmir issue

The article consists practical, theoretical and psychological views on the Kashmir issue, focusing on illegal occupation of Kashmir by Pakistan.

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