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Modi, Yogi and now Baahubali – Media seems to hate what masses love

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So over the next few weeks, the highest grossing Hindi film of all times is going to be; a Telugu film that has been dubbed into Hindi. To put things into perspective, before the advent of Baahubali: The beginning, no dubbed Indian film had ever earned more than 50 crores in its Hindi dub version.

When the movie had released, it had got almost unanimous positive reviews from both the people as well as the media. But I guess the media hadn’t expected the movie to rise to such heights in such a short time. After all, it’s just a regional “south film”.

Now, over the past few days, I have been reading increasingly stupid and frustrating articles from some of the big media houses of the country criticizing the film for absolutely double standard reasons.

One of the media houses had a problem with the use of Hindu symbolism and the many pretty clear references from some of the most beloved stories that we as Indians have been brought up listening to. These are the same media houses, by the way, that seemed to have absolutely no problem when a man dressed as Lord Shiva was put was cornered in a toilet in PK. Nor did the media houses have a problem with the clearly Muslim backdrop in Raees, and quite frankly, they shouldn’t have a problem either.

This is not an article that is trying to project in a good light one religion while trying to dismiss the other. When people do not have a problem when a religion is shown in the wrong light, surely they shouldn’t have a problem when a Hindu character in the film is showing his reverence to a Hindu God! Stupidity?

Another problem that some of these articles wrote was that the women characters are merely caricatures in this film. I don’t think they could have been more wrong about it.

When Sivagami sends truckloads of ornaments and the riches of the world as a gift to Devasena to accept her son’s proposal for marriage, she outright rejects it saying that riches of the world mean nothing to her and she cannot marry a person without knowing his qualities and nature; thus rejecting his proposal. Is that not a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants speaking? There are dozens of such scenes in both the parts put together, but then they’ll be too many spoilers.

Some media houses had problem with Prabhas’s character painting on Tamanna’s body in the first part saying that this is a clearly a portrayal of men doing things to women without the consent of women. These are the same people who gave Ae Dil Hai Muskhil rave reviews, a movie in which the girl quite clearly, repeatedly tells the guy that he means nothing more than a friend to her and so shouldn’t make any forwards; and yet the guy tries to kiss her repeatedly in the film; even after being slapped for the same. Double standards?

A movie does not earn over 500 crores in 3 days flat; starting off at the 3rd position even in the US market, even ahead of Hollywood films starring bigwigs such as Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, unless most people are liking the content of the film.

This is not a new phenomenon. A lot of media reporting these days is increasingly having a disconnect to the fact of the matter. The bias of some, or rather; most of the media houses are pretty clear to anybody who is willing to pay attention. When the media tries to propagate their own versions of the truth and their own propaganda, they are quite literally making a fool of themselves.

It has become a trend these days where the media is increasingly getting just about everything wrong. Be it Trump’s election, Brexit, Modi’s success and soaring popularity, Yogi turning out to be the most active and strong chief ministers UP has ever seen, and a potential PM candidate in the future; or in this case, about a film that is clearly winning hearts to not being one to do so; some of the media houses have failed to catch the nerve of the people and have failed to do so spectacularly on many occasions.

Guess that is the new trend these days. Anybody that the media writes off, any policy that they think is bad, any movie that they thing is stupid; is anything but that.

People; sorry correction; audiences are smart and can see the truth and false propagandas from miles away. It is high time the media gave the people facts to help them forge their own opinions instead of peddling their media bias against religion, people and just about everything.

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