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How Indian politics is evolving beyond Blame-Game

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All that evolves shall survive and all that survives must evolve. Evolution is mandatory for survival. The dictum holds well not only for organic beings but also for processes, phenomenon, and games. Cricket survives today because it evolved from a 5 days marathon to a 3 hours sprint game. Football too underwent some colorful changes and thus manages to survive as the most popular sport globally. However, the game that I am going to talk about today is neither cricket nor football. In fact, it isn’t a sport either. But it does qualify as a game because it is guided by certain precepts of conventional games. I am talking about the modern Indian political Game of Blame. A game which seems to be guiding politics in our country today!

The trend of blaming others to cover self-inefficiency has existed in almost all societies and is perhaps also the reason why we invented God. The trend made its way into politics as well and has been instrumental in keeping alive the careers of incompetent and inefficient politicians. Ever since the dawn of politics, the politicians & the world leaders have been blaming random factors and opposition leaders in order to keep their scams covered, to evade repercussions of self-inefficiency and most importantly to survive as potent politicians.

The trend is not unique to the Indian political system, everywhere in the world and every political system is bugged by the blame game. However, what is unique in the Indian system is that here the bug has started to evolve into a parasite. Blaming which up till now was a mere trend has now evolved into a full-fledged game and this game poses serious threats to the much needed social & economic development. It isn’t paranoia which claims the stated evolution. My deduction is based on a close observation of the following two incidents.

Post November 8 demonetisation, the Government of India announced its plan to move towards a cashless economy. The opposition, led by Rahul Gandhi, was quick to react and they questioned India’s ability as a state to bear the transition. Questions were also raised over the security of cashless and web based transactions. What happened next not only shook the citizens, as it was new, but it also gave a factual base to the opposition’s claims.

The highly protected twitter account of Rahul Gandhi was allegedly hacked. After the incident, government’s move and push for a digital economy was heavily criticised and questioned. Hacking of a VVIP Twitter account was a first in our country. All the more shocking about the hack were the facts that a. It was timed perfectly and was in sync with the opposition’s opposition of digitisation b. the hacker who dared to hack into the account of a national politician did not cause any major harm to either the politician’s or to his political party’s image & c. The hacker has yet not been caught.

The second incident is the opposition’s claims of tampering with the EVM post declaration of the results of assembly elections of 5 Indian states. The results showed a landslide victory for the party ruling in the centre in 2 out of the 5 states while coming second in two other states. The victory did not go well down the throats of those politicians who were expecting major gains in the elections. The loss was all the more sour for Arvind Kejriwal, A local leader, who has plans to become a national leader.

Initially Arvind Kejriwal attacked the central government for having tampered with the voting machines but his allegations were waived off as baseless by almost all individuals and institutions, except obviously by his own party men and blind followers. But what followed next was no longer new.

Few days after the allegations, there was news that during a routine demonstration of the EVMs it was found that the EVM used for demonstration was actually faulty and was favouring the centrally ruling Bhartiya janta Party. The news gave a base to the soo far baseless allegations of the Aam Aadmi Party and of Arvind kejriwal. The PM was questioned and criticised and demands were made to use ballot papers instead of the EVM. The news of a tampered EVM is first in our country and is actually quite shocking. However, the following facts are all the more shocking. a. the timing of a goofed up demonstration i.e. soon after the opposition’s questions over the efficiency of EVMs – déjà vu. b. the call for ballot papers which are all the more vulnerable to tampering & c. why would an agency or a party which has resources to hack into the highly protected EVMs, not make provisions to cover their act by at least making sure that the tampered EVMs are not used for demonstrations.

What has happened in the last six months is that the allegations have been supplemented by well-aimed and well directed incidents. These incidents have helped the opposition parties to orchestrate their allegations to a whole new level. People who were being mocked for being cynical and sour losers have managed to justify their cynicism and to evade the criticism of a disgraceful loss. The blame game which had for long been limited to making verbal allegations has now grown to involve ‘directed acts’ as well.

I am a supporter of the present government but my support is neither founded on religion nor because I love the saffron color. I support the govt because this is the first government in a decade to have taken development seriously and also because the opposition is led by hopeless and corrupt men. All issues, be it the inefficiency of the nation to shift to digital economy or the possibility of tampering with the Voting machines must be raised but to supplement allegations with directed acts is the lowest a politician can go. These acts are unhealthy tools to fool people and to sway their allegiance. I stand against such gross evolution of the blame game and I intend to expose it.

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