Why politicians usually shy of talking about reservation

Reservation is a self-proclaimed word used by politicians to get votes in election. Most of the politicians don’t even hold any degree but each can a give a long speech on this single word. The most interesting fact is after Bihar Assembly Election, many political analysts present their analysis that RSS was going to review reservation policy is the reason behind BJP’s loss.

However, it doesn’t work this time in UP assembly election. That’s a difficult one to understand but no one presented any solid evidences or data that how much it helped the community like SC/ST in upbringing their life quality. No doubt it helped politician who stands on ideology that supports reservation. Almost every party stands for this affirmative action.

Politics of Reservation

No government has ever presented any model which can be an alternative of reservation, although PM Modi is presenting a different model from beginning he came to power as Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. This slogan is alternative of reservation politics applauded by public of great population too.

It’s similar to the school model where without giving any special status, the teacher teaches everyone the same, although the weak one gets more attention and help but doesn’t bring any sense of discrimination among children who do well. The most importantly they all remains friend for long until the model of reservation come in front of them as they go to take admission in college. The same friend now becomes Dalit, OBC General. But who’s responsible for this internal discrimination? The politicians or the media who ruined this issue for a long period of time and still people of afraid talking over it.

Politicians get safe seat for their children and relatives in the name of community representatives but genuine representation hardly comes up.

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