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Caste System in India

An insight into the Indian caste system: How we are systematically misguided by its misinterpretation

The unity is what saves Hindus today in this world where the mere existence of Hindus is considered offensive.

Caste and Varna: Wrongly interpreted, communicated & practiced to demean Hinduism

Social dehumanization is not the core of the Varna system as the Varna system comes with the concept of second birth that means if a person is born with a particular Varna, adapt or accumulate the knowledge/skill of some other Varna then they can change their Varna.

What was the demolition of the Babri Masjid significative of?

There is no mistaking that the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement appealed to the depressed castes and classes. Viewing through that lens, one would justly regard it as a truly subaltern movement.

‘Ram Mohan Roy effect’ on Hindu Bengali

Ram Mohan Roy opened too many fronts in too little time for his reform works among Hindu Bengali community. He succeeded in some, and failed in others.

मनुस्मृति और जाति प्रथा! सत्य क्या है?

मनुस्मृति उस काल की है जब जन्मना जाति व्यवस्था के विचार का भी कोई अस्तित्व नहीं था. अत: मनुस्मृति जन्मना समाज व्यवस्था का कहीं भी समर्थन नहीं करती.

Caste on wheels

Showing the caste names opening on the wheels and investing wholeheartedly of to which caste one is brought into the world is such backward and in reverse and absolutely not dynamic or forward looking.

“I don’t believe in caste”

Caste- the original phrase carries as much weight as claiming to disbelieve in capitalism. The question of belief does not arise at all. As the duality of rich and poor exists, so does caste. And it will stay.

Caste education: Decoding caste system

There are numerous scripts which in detail explain how the Varna of a person should be determined based on the profession & nature of his living not based on birth.

India has always mishandled the caste issue

Now is the time for India to show maturity of the democracy and stop exploiting lower castes and stop committing injustice against the people who are outside these castes.

Understanding Anti-Brahmanism to defeat it

the government needs to ensure safety and protection of those Brahmins living under the threat of cultural genocide.

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