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I am a freethinker and a disbeliever who love his nation and its culture which makes me a proud hindu. Being a Carvaka I challenge the rules and dogma in hindu society to improve it further but I cannot allow someone to spread the false propaganda in the name of hindu culture... I believe Hinduism is not a religion but a composition of various cultures, developed and practiced in Bharat and I stand strong to protect and improve its values with the changing time.

Neo Carvaka and Vedanta: Two poles apart philosophies questioning each other on the ground of Hinduism

In ancient India, sage Brihaspati introduced a philosophical idea against the popular idea of Vedanta and termed as Carvaka. This is the first materialistic ideology developed in India which rejects the essence of Vedic philosophy that is the existence of God.

Reservation policy for modern India

Why the reservation is only based on caste and is the policy proposed by Dr. Ambedkar is still relevant.

Caste and Varna: Wrongly interpreted, communicated & practiced to demean Hinduism

Social dehumanization is not the core of the Varna system as the Varna system comes with the concept of second birth that means if a person is born with a particular Varna, adapt or accumulate the knowledge/skill of some other Varna then they can change their Varna.

Meat Eating is lack of compassion

There is nothing right or wrong in killing something for survival but if you kill for fun or to satisfy your religious sentiments then we will be certain about the fact that, your compassion towards life is minimum.

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