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Understanding Anti-Brahmanism to defeat it

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First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

– Poem about the cowardice of German intellectuals during the rise of the Nazis

Anti-Brahmanism has become the popular and fashionable credo of Indian intellectuals, especially in the last 100 years. This can be seen to be the effect of Macaulay’s education system, which was imposed after 1835. It’s stated goal was to produce a race of people who are essentially Englishmen (sahibs) with brown skins.

Historical precedent


In trying to eradicate the native culture of India, the British were following the precedent set by imperial Rome, who imposed the Roman way of life on Ancient Gaul. The Gauls were famous for their courage. They were also known to be fiercely proud of their traditions. However, after the Romans completed their subjugation of Gaul, the Gauls were forced to lose their traditional long hairs and beards in favor of the clean-shaven, trimmed Roman looks. This can be compared to how Indians were forced to shed their traditional attires by the British masters who wanted to impose their culture. Similar patterns can be observed in history among other imperial powers who impose their customs and way of life on subjugated peoples.


Druids can be considered the Gaulish equivalent of the Brahmins of Hindu India. Druids were exempt from participating in war and were held to the utmost respect in Gaulish society. After the Roman conquest and subsequent imposition of Christianity, the tradition of Druidry became extinct. The seeds of Anti-Brahmanism were similarly sown by the British in an effort to wipe out the native traditions of Hindus.

In order to introduce the poison of Anti-Brahmanism into the minds of Indians, the British introduced the notion of the Brahmins being a “priestly class”. In doing so, they were greatly influenced by their Protestantism. The Protestant Reformation movement began as an opposition to the stranglehold of the Catholic priests over the minds of Christians. Anti-clericalism reached its zenith in the twentieth century communist movements. Modern communists have been known to be influenced by the early Protestants such as the violent Anabaptists of the fifteenth century who stood for “absolute equality”.


Rwanda saw a tragedy which was largely brought about by the Christian church. Since the end of World War II, the church in Rwanda actively promoted the liberation of the “oppressed” Hutus. They were thus playing the dirty game of divide and conquer politics. Tutsis were identified as the “oppressors”. The church carried out a nonstop campaign to smear the Tutsis. The 1994 genocide led to the deaths of around 1 million people, including 70% of the Tutsi population.

Indian tradition disrupted

Before Macaulay’s education was imposed, Brahmins were the custodians of tradition and learning all across India. As Dharampal recounts in The Beautiful Tree, the British were astounded to see how successful the traditional Indian education system was. Indian villagers in the nineteenth century were much more literate and educated than their European counterparts! The British deliberately set out to break this system of learning. In breaking up the Indian education system, the British were able to achieve several goals. They imposed the language, mannerisms, and culture of England. They also rooted out any respect in the Indian people for any native, local customs. Macaulay has in fact been so successful that, even today, most Indian schools and universities continue to endlessly churn out brown-skinned sahibs.


Before the Islamic invasions, the Varnashrama (caste) system was held to be fluid in traditional Indian society. People were free to move between varnas (castes) according to their individual nature. A rigidity was seen to set in the system after the Islamic invasions and especially during the British colonial rule. A system of outcasting and untouchability was also seen to develop under both the rule of Islam and that of the British.

Tamil Nadu: Laboratory for Anti-Brahmanism

Tamil Nadu has witnessed vicious propaganda and violent attacks on Brahmins every year for the past many decades. The reason behind this is the constant stream of Anti-Brahmin rhetoric coming forth from the Dravidian political parties. The Dravidian movement began with Bishop Caldwell’s writings. This movement has been sustained continuously with the blessings and support of the Christian church. The aims behind the church’s involvement have been clear from day one. They seek to erase the Hindu history of the Tamil people and impose a fake narrative of how Tamils have always been a separate people with no shared identity with the rest of Bharat. The church ultimately seeks to impose Christianity on the entire Tamil people. This is the same old divide and conquer strategy employed by the British colonialists and the Rwandan church.

How to fight Anti-Brahmanism

Bust fake narrative: Upper/Lower castes

A fake narrative spread by leftists is that the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures were all written by the “savarnas” to proclaim their own supremacy. The leftists also claim that the Vedas and other scriptures are just a tool for “oppression”. This narrative can be exposed as false.

In pre-colonial times, there was no gradation of “upper” and “lower” castes. The caste system indicated the division of labor and every occupation had its place of dignity in Hindu society.

Much of the Vedas and other scriptures were written by non-Brahmins. There are also many women seers who were composers of the Vedas. The Mahabharata was written by Vyasa, the son of a fisherwoman. The Ramayana was written by Valmiki, an ex-highwayman, said to be born of a hunter.

Bust fake narrative: Manu Smriti

The Manu Smriti is a much-misused scripture thanks to the leftists. The Manu Smriti has to be understood to be a Smriti for its own time. A lot of the laws for the castes were put in place to ensure the stability of the social system. The Shudra caste was forbidden from studying the Vedas and a prohibitive punishment of “pouring molten lead” was prescribed to transgressors. There is no historical record of such punishments ever being carried out. Such prohibitive laws are written to ensure that the castes stuck to their own hereditary occupation so that the social and economic order is not disrupted.

Bust fake narrative: Who were the Hindu rulers?

Today’s leftist malcontents keep trying to propagate fake history about a rich, “priestly” class of Brahmins. This has been repeatedly shown to be nonsense. Historically, the lives of the Brahmins has been one of poverty and minimal comfort. The Hindu scriptures also enforce a simple and spiritually oriented lifestyle for the Brahmanas. The anti-Brahmin narrative of the left has been guided and inspired by the Abrahamic creeds. The Hindu ruling dynasties of Bharat for the past 1000 years has almost always (90%) been from those castes known today as “OBC’s”. This false narrative needs to be exposed for the fraud that it is.

Take action

All across Bharat, the virus of Anti-Brahmanism has to be defeated. Hindus need to come up with strategies for this. A two-pronged approach can be taken:

  • Community involvement: The Hindu community needs to actively and vocally expose all instances of Anti-Brahmanism. Every Hindu, irrespective of caste, is responsible for safeguarding the culture and tradition of Bharat.
  • Petitioning the government: It is the responsibility of the government to protect its own citizens. The Indian government needs to be petitioned to ensure safety and protection of those Brahmins living under the threat of cultural genocide.
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