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Class warfare

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I have always wondered why only certain politicians particularly from OBC/Dalit get preferred treatment from the Lutyens media. As we know the Lutyens cabal is ruthless, they can destroy or make any politician’s career with clinical efficiency. Their influence goes far and wide right from MSM to some what on social media. They have being ruling roost for many decades now as the power broker elite. As evident from certain tapes- there is nothing which they can’t do.

Going through some of the big names who purportedly make this cabal, none of them come from the Dalit, OBC or Backward community. All are from the upper caste with somewhat elite backgrounds either from famous schools or rich pedigree. They clearly are indulging in a class warfare under the guise of espousing the cause of the downtrodden. They just can’t accept any one who comes from the humble background and not be submissive- which is their only criteria.

They are condescending to say the least, any one who don’t follow their diktat is torn apart. The vilification of Modi for all these years just because he did not give into their demands and was the object of hate. The tradition continues more recently with Yogi Adityanath

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