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Abrahamics religions are eroding our vibrant tribal culture

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Shashi Kiran
Shashi Kiran
I am an IT Professional working in Bangalore and an amateur columnist.

A Good friend of mine happens to be posted to a Tribal Agency area near Vishakapatnam, He also happens to be the founder of a small NGO that works with the underprivileged class. He was narrating me the story of a remote tribal village. The NGO’s volunteers had visited the village to brief the youngsters about the opportunities that are available for students who clear their 10th exams. There are no pucca roads to the village, the village does not have any electricity, and the water source is a stream that flows by. Seven cases of Hepatitis were also registered and last year there were a few deaths as well. Ramakrishna Mission’s volunteers had visited the village and handed them Solar Lanterns, however, my friend says that there is no continuity to these relief efforts.


The Road To Nowhere

My friend said that a few people from the Church had approached the village recently and offered to take care of them provided that the village converts to Christianity. Historically the Church has preyed like vultures on the poverty of people and this precedent transcends geographic boundaries, wherever the Church has gone. My friend asked me in despair “Why cannot we protect our own, why are we so helpless?”

My friend managed to speak to a few people and also convince a family to retain their faith. The Man and Woman of the family work as laborers in sugarcane fields and they did not want their daughter to meet the same fate. My friend promised that he and his NGO would help them in all their capacity so that the young girl does not turn up as a laborer in a sugarcane field in a remote village.

The Village faces a civilizational challenge, they have to abandon the faith of their ancestors, their beautiful world of village Gods and Goddesses in order to feed their stomachs. Worse fate awaits them as the Church will extract their pound of flesh for playing the ‘Good Samaritan’. It will be not be long before these people will be forced to coerce others of their kind, forced to hate their own people for not converting. These folks and the generations to come will become unknowingly the slaves to an Abrahamic God.

The Answer to my friend’s question is unfortunately in the affirmative. Yes, we are indeed helpless and we are facing an existential crisis. The Phenomenon this village encountered where in a missionary of a foreign religion reached the remotest corner of the country can be termed as “The Last Mile Erosion of the Native ways“. We are helpless because of the non-existence of a two walled defense mechanism, something that any country has to provide its citizens.

The Country had to put up the first line of Defense. Not only it is the Job of state to protect the sovereignty of the land but also it needs to protect and preserve the native ways. India is a diverse country with a history of several big traditions and small traditions. Mainstream society had always co-existed with tribal societies and most importantly the various tribes had the freedom to preserve their own rich traditions.

The Word secular was included in the Preamble of the Constitution during the Emergency through the 42nd Amendment. This came as a boon to protelyzing faiths like Islam and Christianity. They now had the license to convert the heathens. The Underprivileged Tribals and Dalits were the first ones to be targeted by the Abrahamics and to this day continue to be harvested.The Leaders of this Country should have had the foresight to protect the underprivileged class, instead they left them to the wolves. The 42nd Amendment was the destruction of our first line of Defense.

With word ‘Secular’ in the Preamble, India had to become a Country that guaranteed Religious freedom in letter and spirit. However the Majority native community continues to be not treated on par with the Foreign Abrahamic ones. Hindu temples were taken over by the several state governments. A Major chunk of donations received by the temples goes to the treasury of the state Government that is supposed to guarantee religious freedom.

The State Governments are actually no better than Land Grabbing Mafia. The Endowments department in each state is constantly on the look out to grab Temples whose revenue cross a certain threshold say a couple of Lakhs. In the Present Day, the donations to temples annually cross hundreds or even thousand crores in certain states. Millions of Hindus still are ignorant of their constitution conferred rights to live and thrive as a free community.

If the Temples were in the Hands of the Hindus, then we could had several schools, colleges, universities & hospitals that we could put to the service our poor and underprivileged class. The Grabbing of our temples by the state is the destruction of our second line of defense and thus we now find ourselves in a helpless state against the wolves of Christ and Muhammed.

People may argue that the 42nd Amendment was essentially not anti-Hindu in nature (Hindu as per the constitution means anybody who is not a Christian, Muslim, Jew or a Parsi), but a move to position India globally as a peace loving fair country that guarantees religious freedom or at worse just a tokenism to appease vote banks by Indira Gandhi, However the takeover of temples by the State governments prove that the establishment is a good friend of the Abrahamics helping them to harvest the native population.

The Congress has always been a Minority appeasing Hindu-phobic party throughout its existence. While one may liken them to asuras like Ravan, the BJP or the NDA is no Ram. The BJP benefits from a massive Hindu vote that is given in hope that that it will set things right and that at least they shall guarantee constitution enshrined rights to Hindus. The BJP seems to be in no hurry to do that. There seems to be a lack of political will in this direction even though many in the party at various levels are aware of the problem. Performing Ganga-Arthi at Varanasi or referring to Hindu saints in election speeches are just not enough. The Natives need to be conferred their rights and it should happen right now. I hope the party remembers what happened to Vajpayee.

Let me state the problem we face; Hindus are leaderless, no political party is backing us, No mutts or Babas to save us and in reality we are not a community but self-atomized people pretending to be a community.

A Defense mechanism to protect the diverse Hindu community has to be built up from the scratch.

  1. Hindus have to come up with a Congregational Mechanism to deal with the Abrahamics. This serves in informing our people about the various perils we face periodically and ensuring we deal with them effectively. This will also ensure that Political Parties will behave and toe the line.
  2. Hindus need to wrestle back the control of their temples and affiliated institutions. We do not have any other source of funds, this is our only source. We can ensure the donations to temples are put to the service of our underprivileged class.
  3. Hindu mutts should be made to adopt a transparent administrative process and should be made accountable for the donations they receive.
  4. Individuals cannot stand up to vast network of missionary organizations with massive funding & with the support of our own establishment. We need to create a vast network of Hindu groups to fight the missionary activities of the Abrahamics at various levels.

If we do not evolve with changing times and if we fail to put up a spirited defense against the Abrahamics, our much vibrant and diverse traditions will be eroded to last mile. Our Civilization will lose its life and will be relegated to museum exhibits.

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Shashi Kiran
Shashi Kiran
I am an IT Professional working in Bangalore and an amateur columnist.
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