Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Cultural genocide

Was Hindu Temples destruction by Mahmud only for monetary gains?

The question we should ask ourselves – with so many accounts where Mahmud Ghazni's intentions were not only monetary loot but equally (if not more) important to destroy the Hindu civilization - why are there prominent historians amongst us who choose to not only look the other way, but portray a false view of those accounts? By presenting a skewed version of historical events - who are they trying to please?

Cultural genocide of Hindus

Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern traditions today survive in only a few countries such as India, Thailand, Japan

Abrahamics religions are eroding our vibrant tribal culture

Hindus are leaderless, no political party is backing us, No mutts or Babas to save us and in reality we are not a community but self-atomized people pretending to be a community.

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