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Where is Chanakya’s fifth Neeti?

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Chanakya — the empire and emperor builder — the great Brahmin —  propounded these 4 neeti’s (strategies) — साम, दाम, दंड, भेद to protect and expand ones kingdom. By using these four neeti’s he gave united India her first king— Chandragupt Maurya. 

However, he missed one neeti, perhaps, because it was not needed for the politics of those times. This is the 5th neeti which another Brahmin called Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru propounded in the 20th century — it is called the “secular neeti”. This neeti is important to save a King and his constituency in a country as diverse as India. 

There are 9 main governing principles of the fifth neeti as explained below. 

  1. 1- Association —  People of minority religions are not viewed as having Indian ancestry instead, they are viewed as direct sons of the Islamic invaders. So calling out the atrocities done by these invaders is equated to calling the current minorities as atrocious. 
    • 2- Peace —Following the above principle of association, great care is taken to ensure that minority sentiments are never hurt. If people of the Hindu faith are killed, raped, or driven out of their homes for being Hindu — no action is taken. It is not even considered a human duty to sympathize with Hindu victims. Self-declared “liberal” media, press, and film stars suddenly become silent; if they speak anything, it is only to dilute or justify the crimes. If there is a terrorist attack people sympathize with the terrorists and cry for them to ensure peace and happiness of the minorities.
  2. 3- Denial– All the brutalities of invaders of India are denied and the gallantry of Rajputs is diluted. None of the defeats of invaders ever told. An invader is allowed to be called brutal if and only if there is not a single instance of positive action in him. For example, If an emperor has destroyed 1000 temples, raped hundreds of women, buried men and children alive behind walls, but, left 2 temples untouched, or on his death bed performed little charity then he is to be declared as kind, benevolent and a great “Shehshah.” If anyone argues against this, they are shamed and labeled as extremists and communal. This principle is an extension of the above 2 principles.
  3. 4- Tolerance: The majority community should not question, dispute, assert or object to anything that is done by the minorities to them. For example, if someone from the minority community kills or threatens to kill people of the majority then they should not react in any way. No matter what is done to the majority community they should not unite, or raise their voice because this can make minorities feel unsafe. Minorities owe no responsibility or answerability for any acts of violence or hate towards the majority. Any experiences of suffering from the majority community are rubbished by outright denial — be it murder of individuals or mass exodus. They must show tolerance as their utmost duty because minority sentiments should never get hurt.
  4. 5- Non-responsibility — The liberal and secular politicians have freed the Muslim population of any responsibility — they only have rights. Like 40 Muslim men have the right to gather and sit outside the road of your house, five times daily to pray. It does not matter if your life or safety gets disturbed due to this. They can also occupy public parks for 40 minutes, 5 times daily to pray. It does not matter if your children cannot play or old people cannot stroll in the park. Emergency ambulances too, cannot pass till the Muslim men have occupied the roads for prayer. Muslim leaders have no responsibility to condemn terrorist attacks nor do they ever sit in protests to save the lives of Kashmiri, Bengali, or Kerala Hindus. However, they protest for Muslims of Pakistan.
  5. 6- Constitutionality  — The constitution has given freedom to all to practice their religion. So, minorities can take their non-mandatory religious practices above the law and uniform of any institution and fight to allow “Burkha” in school. However, the majority community has to follow strict discipline and the rule and uniforms of the institution over their non-mandatory religious practices. Hindus are declared as haters if they do not adhere to school uniforms.
  6. 7- Minoritrianism— The chosen government is of the minority, by the minority, and for the minority. Issues of poverty, education, etc.. are not raised for the poor but, they are raised for minorities. They talk only for the poor Muslims and not for the poor. 
  7. 8- Victimhood — This is the permanent state of the minority community. Even if the minorities are perpetrators of crimes like — match-fixing, drug dealing, terrorism, and stone pelting — the victims of these crimes are not the victims but, the minorities should be called and proven to be victims. 
  8. 9-Justice — Minorities should feel that law and order are with them. Being from a minority community is enough to stand by that person. Court rulings — if they are against any practices of minority committees are also overturned using parliamentary processes to ensure that nothing goes against minority sentiment. The Shah Bano case is a very good example. The only admissible crimes that deserve condemnation are those that are committed toward minority communities.

This neeti has done wonders for the government and minorities but, has brought about a lot of discontent among the majority population. Over a period of 7 decades, the majority has reached a boiling point where now, they are not only questioning but, are asking for equality. Although tolerant but, it may not remain tolerant forever and it is a need of the hour to give equal emotional rights, freedom, and justice to this majority community. 

I am curious to know which other country is ruled in this manner and what is so special about India that this is the only way it has to be governed. It would be so much better if the majority were treated as equal humans.

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