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Where is Chanakya’s fifth Neeti?

Chanakya — the empire and emperor builder — the great Brahmin —  propounded these 4 neeti’s (strategies) — साम, दाम, दंड, भेद to protect and expand ones kingdom. By using these four neeti’s he gave united India her first king— Chandragupt Maurya.

The Idea of Bhārata: The Mauryas and The Marathas

Bhārata has been blessed with many able and powerful rulers. Music, literature, and science were developed during their reign. The Mauryas and the Marathas stand out in particular, for these empires had a vision for India and the fortitude to bring that into actuality.

Sabotage politics also boomerangs, don’t make it new normal

Sabotage politics has been found new normal in Indian Politics now-a-days. And the high stubbornness of Jaichand kind in executing sabotage politics is clearly visible.

Unfortunately, we remember our fundamental rights but forget our fundamental duties

Since ancient times, people in India have had a tradition of performing their duties — even in partial disregard of their rights and privileges. Since time immemorial, an individual’s “kartavya” — the performance of one’s duties towards society, his/her country and his/her parents — was emphasised.

Science diplomacy and Vedic knowledge

charya Chanakya’s management philosophies/principles were used to make modern principles and are being used worldwide.

Chanakya: The founder of Economics

Chanakya had written this in the 12th century, about 2000 years before Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. It will not be wrong to claim that Chanakya founded ‘economics’ much earlier than Smith.

Raghuram Rajan edged what Chanakya focused

Raghuram Rajan, who understands economics, economy and economic growth far better without being an economist.

Tough Test for BJP’s Chanakya Amit Shah ahead

A year to watch for Amit Shah's return

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