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Why it is imperative to underplay the feeling of outrage amidst targeted killing in Kashmir

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

The recent targeted killing in Kashmir was not totally unexpected but it seems to be moving towards attaining its  objective much earlier than it would have reckoned. The reactions of the public and Media in particular has been very much as predicted and as would have been foreseen by the perpetrators of the diabolic plan for the fresh spree of targeted killing.

The tribulations and thorny issues concerning the Kashmir is often mistakenly identified with the territorial dispute between two countries and the local population’s aspirations to become part of a country with which it feels it has a natural affinity.  However, the point of contention for the neighbouring Islamic country as well as the religious fundamentalist forces is the fear of the possibility of a de facto Islamic establishment becoming secular. So much vanity is attached to the phobia of Islamic supremacy that any signs of Islamic supremacy becoming vulnerable is akin to derision of Islam.

Added to the Islamic facet of the Kashmir problem is the malicious intentions of the communist regime of World’s biggest  bully across our border, which would not like Kashmir to return to normalcy or allow revoking of article 370 to be viewed as a political success of Modi Govt. Kashmir settling down under the new political strategy of the Modi Govt would hardly be palatable for the communist regime, which is up to its neck in  all nefarious activities in India connected to discrediting Modi Govt and destabilizing Modi Govt.

No Govt of a democratic country can afford to attack the peace disrupting elements in a reckless manner, it has to first identify with certainty, segregate these elements and then target them otherwise it would definitely invite strong condemnation and censure from International organizations. The Inter National forum on such matters has a clear double standard while dealing with it. The human rights forum has been found to turn a blind eye or make a perfunctory, mute protest when the world community learns about the deplorable treatment suffered by those who have been quarantined at American borders from crossing into USA. As far the UNHCR the yezdees community or the Kurdish community does not even exist in the world map. When it comes to Uyghur Muslims in China except for some mumbled protests and some insipid official statements in the name of condemnation the UNHCR has demonstrated a couldn’t care less attitude. It is also a fact that NHRC has its own axe to grind, and it has a strong anti-Hindu bias. 

Thus, on the ground, the Militants, ably supported by covert fronts of vested interests and fully aware of the limitations imposed on the Indian Govt due to its compulsions  to operate as per the conventions of human rights obligations, can get away with Gorilla warfare of hit-and-run provocations. The Indian Govt also has to brace with powerful anti-Hindu International forums waiting like predators on its prey to pounce upon trivial violations to amplify it and indict India.

Under the circumstances The Govt can tackle the situation better if it is freed from being subjected to undue and unwarranted pressures from Public mostly orchestrated by the Media. Such pressures can at best trigger off half cooked measures. 

Human life is no doubt precious, and its security and protection are paramount. But at the same time, let us also not get this wrong notion of privilege that civilian lives are most important than the lives of the Military and Para Military personnel. 

Certainly, the public of India and also the International forums must be made aware of the atrocities committed by the radicals. However, continued and prolonged engagement on such events by the media through self acclaimed expert panels in the Mainstream media and through the various YouTube news channel outfits will only go to amplify a problem which to begin with is not so grave.

There must be various ways the Govt think tank must be preparing its counter operations. As of today I do not think there could be a more committed team at the centre than what we have as far as National security and tackling militancy is concerned. It would be preposterous to suggest what the Govt and the NSA should do.

However, there are many of us who feel that the proxy war in Kashmir has to be dealt with by counter proxy war and that is the best option in hand. The Govt side strategists can think of splinter group militants for counteroffensive and fight the militants through a proxy war of our own design. Such strategy would free the govt from the vultures in UNHCR practising distorted and partisan human rights protection standards. The non Muslim work force in Kashmir could be  tactfully  so chosen that these individuals come with less baggage of family responsibilities, in addition, more incentives and more lucrative pay compensation can be considered for them. The use of the most advanced electronic surveillance to gather reliable and timely intelligence inputs are imperative.    

The biggest strength of Islam lies on the weakness of the various faiths followed by others. This weakness of followers of other faiths stems from the values of decency inculcated in them from the childhood. This group subscribes to the belief that God’s creation is unique and snuffing out life without a rhyme or reason is a cardinal sin. Thus, avoiding armed conflict is its natural behaviour. This decency of other faiths is exploited by the extremists of Islam, who derive power and strength from their uninhibited moral righteousness to unleash violence and intimidate their perceived enemies.  

Offering the other cheek kind of philosophies will only further embolden these extremists. The world has to wake up to this harsh truth that violence has to be silenced by counter violence or at least by the threat of a counter violence. Can’t help recalling the famous quote of the late Punjab police chief, Mr?  KPS Gill -“An eye for eye “counter-offensive.  This counter-offensive has to be done covertly, and all right-minded Kashmiris have a role to play in it.

As far as Nationalistic media outfits and other Hindu activists are concerned, the need of the hour is to underplay the outrage. It is necessary to understand the objective and the game plan of the disruptive as well as the limitations of the Govt in dealing with it through official measures. In fact, the response of the Media and the Public should be as unpredictable as it could be to confuse the rank and file of the peace disruptors. There will be more and more provocations in the future and at any cost, the steely resolve to not get intimidated by such brutalities has to be demonstrated indubitably.     

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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