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India! Why so hate?

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They say hate in India is increasing and Muslims are afraid, Hindus have become more and more radical, Islamophobia is increasing and at the same time they deny the fact that there is also Hinduphobia, they ignore the fact that Hindus too did suffer lynching and forced conversions throughout the world. I have my own opinion on this which I have shared below, why is this hate in India, why are people so angry and what may be a solution.

I saw news yesterday, that after the Hijab controversy and the announcement of band by the Muslim community against the Karnataka High court’s verdict, Karnataka people are not allowing Muslims to put shops in Hindu festivals on temple property, Gujarat wants to teach Bhagwat Geeta, Uttrakhand announces UCC to be the first thing in assembly, and all Hindus are happy and celebrating, but isn’t this injustice for the Muslims? Now they will have to live like equal humans and be governed by state laws also they will not be allowed to earn from Hindu temples and will have to learn something other than Quran! Which is horrifying!

What has happened to India why are the majority so intolerant, why are Hindus so aggressive?

Every pseudo secular is asking the same. Why suddenly Hindus feel the need to hate Muslims?

This is not true, Hindu people do not hate Muslims but they do fear Islam, because they have read some verses written about them, and the atheists. They know how a radical Muslim treats a non Muslim or a women for that matter. The world has given them examples and they fear for the same fate for India, they fear when they see, the ghettos in their city, they fear when they see the talks in Islamic universities, they fear when they see the treatment of their daughters in places they are majority and they fear when they hear Maulanas calling for Jihad from loudspeakers of Masjids. Why are they afraid you say, they are afraid for their life if they come to power, they have learnt the real history of India, the romanticism of the Mughals in the history books, the love for Malik, all they have seen now. So they fear, not hate, but fear.

Islamophobia you say, yes it may be, but isn’t it genuine? Yesterday they killed Puja, because she didn’t marry nor convert, in 1990 they wanted women without men, shooting kids and bombing schools have been a hobby, from 14% to 8% in Bangladesh and 1.5% at present in Pakistan, Afghanistan has the same story! Where have the Hindu gone? These goons enjoy the fear, and often they enjoy the appeasement too.

They were favored always by the government as the other 80% was nothing or was taken for granted. Well every relationship breaks, every love fails, when you take your partner for granted, and you not only took us for granted you betrayed us cheated us several times, when there was a Shah Bano, locks of the Ayodhaya janmbhumi, erasing our history, making us guilty of the sins we never did, ignoring Kashmir in 1947, then you forgot there are people in Tibet and then you sent Indians to kill Indians in Sri Lanka. You failed us, you betrayed us, and the. You kept taking sides on which we were not present, then someone came and took our hand and said “you also have something to be proud of” and ” you deserve to be loved”. They listened they cared, and so we reciprocated. Then you said this is a false victory, the anger began, they put forward many reforms you brought your gang and protested to the point that it turned into a riot, several were killed, stabbed to death, but you said it was a pogrom, again you failed us, and favored them, you shouted from universities that you will break our bharat maa into pieces, and then someone said “15 min ke liye police hata do”, so I say, this hate as you say it is not a result of a political party that you say, but it’s your political party which fed that fury, you cannot corner a cat, because at last it will defend itself with the claws, but it’s not too late.

Hindus don’t hate Muslims as I said, they hate the ideologies which harm them, to assure peace, communities have to come together and talk, there must be compromises, from both sides, and Hindus are majority should be understood and some respect not all, but some should be given to the people. Uniform civil code should be implemented throughout the country to ensure there are no constitutional difference between any community. Tolerance should be taught to the radicals.

Movies like kashmir files should be acknowledged and the community should apologise like the Germans did, right now they do not even acknowledge that. All they do is what aboutry. Unity is not something which comes from just one side, we tried, we have tried for 75 years now, it’s time you lend a hand before us. You did the compromise. Hindus have understood their standing in this democracy and they have become “pushpa” for now. Also why should only one community compromise?

It’s so simple, hindus are not hating people by nature, they are loving people, our scriptures allow an atheist to be a hindu as “sanathan dharma” is the eternal duty of life, and it doesn’t involve worshiping all the time but doing one’s rightful duty to this world, so all you have to do is acknowledge, apologize and learn, and then never repeat the same. Everything else the sanathan community will do, we will revive our history and intelligence in the scriptures.

Also we all came from the same forefathers, afterall we all are bharatwasi, some of us converted due to the swords of the Mughals and the Persians came before. We all follow the same rituals even when we marry, buy new things etc, which islam do not allow even. Haldi and mehndi are some examples which is only done in south asia and not in Arab or turkey. So that is also something you should acknowledge and learn. At last we all are Indians so start behaving like one.

Jai Hind.

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